Zamboni: Best Action View

Zamboni: Best Action View
Welcome to Ice Rink Diaries. In this episode I mount a little camera I bought at Home Depot to the conditioner of the Zamboni. I did two takes. The first take did not show the snow going into the bottom auger very well so I re-shot the video from a different mounting point. However, I did show the beginning of the first video to demonstrate how the lift bar/yokes/leaf springs extend out when going down onto the ice.

Sorry for the bad sound so I added some tunes. Although it’s not the best camera, it did a decent job of getting footage for under the Zamboni. I will post a review of the camera and where it get it on amazon if you like it. …not bad.

Amazon does not see the Hype camera but its just a generic camera so here is a link to the same camera with a different name: Vemont Action Camera 1080P 12MP Sports Camera Full HD 2.0 Inch Action Cam 30m/98ft Underwater Waterproof Camera with Mounting Accessories Kit (Black)…

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Please excuse by poor video and editing. This is all new to me and learning as I go. Over time when I am more prepared, honed my video editing skills and flat out have better equipment my videos greatly improve.

Zamboni: Best Action View