Why Monsters After Dark might be the best ride at Disneyland Resort

Why Monsters After Dark might be the best ride at Disneyland Resort
Monsters After Dark is fantastic. I enjoyed it so much that I felt compelled to make this video and offer up this for discussion. Is Mission Breakout: Monsters After Dark the best ride of Halloween? At California Adventure? At the entire Disneyland Resort? I submit it to my support for the latter. Discuss.

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Why Monsters After Dark might be the best ride at Disneyland Resort

16 thoughts on “Why Monsters After Dark might be the best ride at Disneyland Resort”

  1. Monsters After Dark is hands down the best ride in the park. Pure fun. Fantastic storytelling and theming throughout the queue. The soundtrack during the elevator portion is so damn good.

  2. It looks amazing! I ride guardians back in March for our first visit and wish I could ride it with the overlay! Totally agree with you that this is the best ride ever!

  3. I'm going to hit you where it hurts, Dave: Even better than BTMRR? Yeah, I know…you really mean in terms of Halloween overlays.
    But in general…SW:GE is going to immerse us in that kind of experience…..so you may build up some tolerance after that, haha!

  4. Love love love Monsters after Dark ( we went last year also ) and after all the build-up the cast members the atmosphere the best part of course is the RIDE! So many ups and downs so much better than HTH used to be and you get to look out over Disney Halloween ~just an awesome site when the elevator door opens!! And lifting up out of my seat! love that floating feeling!!.. I have to agree with you David it's just really THAT awesome! 🎃 Happy Halloween Fresh Baked!!

  5. The Monsters After Dark addition to GOTG building is the only version I have ridden on last Oct. I loved it and thought it was a great addition to DCA. I think the Haunted Mansion cast members should be retrained again to amp up the experience by playing more with their servant characters when you are loading into the building. I remember a time when they used to play a bit more with the guests.

  6. 150% agree. When the doors opened after the ride was over, our cast member came running in screaming with a net and said “oh thank god I thought you guys were the monsters!” Everyone screamed! 😂

  7. No way. Tower of terror in Disney world is still and will always be the best version of this attraction

  8. Why is this crazy to say? MAD is amazing. I grinned ear to ear from queue to exit. Fantastic experience.

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