Why I Stopped Making Travel Videos

Why I Stopped Making Travel Videos
Hope this explains why me as a ‘travel filmmaker’ stopped making travel videos.

Read more about the project mentioned here: http://lifestylefilmblog.com/impact/

If you want to learn more about rewilding check out this video from George Monbiot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q

Why I Stopped Making Travel Videos

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  1. dude, i absolutely love this. both what you're working towards now, and how real and honest this video is. Definitely something I myself and I'm sure most people these days struggle with. As for your rewilding projects will you be posting more updates on that? Would love to see and even get involved somehow if at all possible. OH and you should definitely look into Geoff Lawton and his permaculture/food forests videos. Super amazing stuff he does I think you'd appreciate. Cheers.

  2. Fair enough. Maybe shift your “context” or purpose of your travel videos. No need to stop doing them. Unless of course you don’t want to make them anymore..? Hope you feel better – anxiety is a bitch but beatable. Cheers Mate – Mr. J

  3. Great video! I really enjoyed the honesty and I love the realization of conservation of earth, because that's what all of us travellers has to start thinking about.

  4. Hi Thomas. I apreciate your idea about make the world a better place. About 10 years now, i and my wife, we have the idea to discuss urbanism in the city and ingage people to bring more political atitude. Last year we present a Tedx in Freiburg, i hope you see some connections with your inspirarions. The fluid ‘nature’ of modernity: just like a river
    Talk da Carolina Viviane Nunes

  5. Hello Thomas, I started following you not too long ago and as someone who has been dealing with anxiety, I completely understand you. The inner work must be done and yes, the giving back as well. You are on the right path my friend. I love trees, I speak to trees, I hug trees, and so grateful for the clean air they provide for us. Count me in on your project! Be well! 🤗

  6. Great to see you back Thomas. I know how it is to struggle with mental health issues. I struggle with anxiety depression and ptsd every day. In the 3 years I've been traveling and finding passion for filmmaking and I agree. There are so many people posting photos and videos to show off the lifestyle they have. It can be quite depressing to see that. Sounds like a good project the tree and wildlife thing. Looking forward to hear more about it

  7. Realist dude i follow on YouTube. It took me quite a few books to realize helping people in fact helps me get out of being unhappy as well. Almost counterintuitive! I joined your bootcamp, and your $200 program. But after watching this video i'll probably join your monthly membership as well. And i'll check out the Mossy Earth project where i can incorporate this into my side business as well. Thanks again for everything.

  8. Hey Thomas! Thank you for making this video. I'm from Portugal and this touched my heart. There is so much more to it regarding the fires in Portugal this last summer… there was nothing accidental about them (we had two major fires actually) and, unfortunately, lots of people make lots of money from these fires. This is a great project, congratulations! In whatever I can help you, I will – please contact me if you need any help in Portugal, specially in Lisbon. Love from Portugal! *

  9. It’s so refreshing to see somebody actually talk about such an important, under-discussed issue. This is a fantastic, articulate monologue and you did a great job of it! Giving back to the world is exciting, and I know the future is bright for you and for your channel. Watch this space everybody !!

  10. I stopped making travel videos too (on my older channel) – just photography now

  11. I supose to start my channel this year and I was thinking about that, I love travel videos but exactly, sometimes it sounds so superficial that doesn’t have any meaning of doing it sometimes so… I’m feeling kind of the same way working a lot, thinks starting to work even that I don’t have my channel yet but I’m blocked and I don’t know why, hope I can enjoy the academic soon! Would be a pleasure!

  12. To me, you’re a real inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing ♥️ lots of love, Em

  13. Great to see you back Thomas. Missed your videos. Watching them was like taking a mini holiday, while drinking a cup of tea in an arm chair. Like comfort food.
    Take it easy and don't rush things. Wanted to give you a pat on the back there.
    Always thought you should be smashing voiceover work.
    One day at a time 👍🏼

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