Which hotel “keeper card” should you get after the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

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This is the order I would put the cards in: Hyatt, IHG, Marriott
Chase Hyatt (referral link): http://bit.ly/asksebby-hyatt

The Hyatt provides a great signup bonus and a useful anniversary night. The IHG card has a terrible signup bonus but is extremely valuable long-term for the anniversary nights. Marriott has great flexibility but extremely limited options long-term.

If you’re taking a very long-term view: IHG, Hyatt, Marriott

If you’re looking 10 years out, the IHG will definitely provide more value.

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Which hotel “keeper card” should you get after the Chase Sapphire Reserve?
Which hotel “keeper card” should you get after the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

12 thoughts on “Which hotel “keeper card” should you get after the Chase Sapphire Reserve?”

  1. This is what I freakin' luvv about this channel…. this guy actually listens to his followers and presents a video of what people care about. Your the best reviewer on youtube just because your actually paying attention to what the people want and not just talking about what works for you. Not to mention your videos are very substantive with great viewpoints for and against.

  2. Booking through travel portals of CSR don't get you usual hotel reward points or the tier benefits.

  3. For IHG card, say IHG Tahiti, they have regular room and also over the water room which costs a lot more. Can the free night be used for over the water room instead of regular room?

  4. Marriott has some property category 5 very night, exp : JW phu quoc Emerald Bay
    . (Or 25000 point a night = some time 500$/night). So with the sign up bonus you can get 3 nights there (1500$ – best value)

  5. It may be worth pointing out that the intercontinental hotel chain is under the IHG label. (I've yet to find a major city without an intercontinental, and these are considered to be the same standard as the Hyatt.)

  6. Hey Sebastian, just wanted to let you know that you're doing a great job making these videos. I truly enjoy them, so thanks! In terms of the hotel cards, I'm not sure which whether it's even worth it for me to get one. I currently have CSP, Freedom, freedom unlimited, and cash ink. I have my eyes on Hyatt, IHG, and SPG. In your opinion, which of those 3 do you think is best on top of what I currently have? And ideally I'd like to use the card at the respective hotel chain if beneficial; therefore if I use cash I want the chain to be reasonable and not super expensive. What're you thoughts?? I know that's a loaded question but thank you very much for your help in advance!!

  7. CSR gets 3x on bonus category 2 Dining and travel, you have it listed at 2x. Not sure if you caught the typo

  8. Sebby, awesome video as usual.  I think I will go with the IHG, the current offer (80K points) and the low spend requirement make it an easy decision.  Also for me, I checked their portfolio for the destinations I'd like to visit and it seems their property are more likely to be pet friendly.  Do you find that high end properties are less likely to welcome pets?

  9. This video changes tenfold with the IHG 100k offer. Especially if you're the type to book a stay for after your anniversary night to effectively get 4 free nights in a row (I did for Paris next year at a 320 Euro a night hotel near the Louvre).

    I would ask, though, how do these cards stack up against the Hilton Surpass from AmEx? I got a targeted offer that is good until October 17 and comes with a 100,000 point sign up bonus. Is the Marriott still the better card?

    With the CSR I got in March, the Freedom Unlimted and the IHG, I'm at 3/24 (I got the INK Preferred, but it won't show). But if you count the two authorized user cards from my wife, I'm at 5/24. The Credit Shifu has gotten around the authorized user loophole, and others have too.

    As well, I'd advise against the authorized user because it limits what you or your spouse/partner can do.

  10. If you had all three of these cards, could you use all the anniversary nights at a single hotel? Or do each of these cards require you to stay at a specific one? Thanks!

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