7 thoughts on “What I will do in Russia with my 5th Visa”

  1. Yo bro u re looking so Happy to be in Russia ….you were looking so depressed in New York …

  2. Dude if I become president one day, I'm making you the official U.S. cultural ambassador to Russia.

  3. Wrong. If you don't learn the grammar you will sound like an uneducated moron. Your Russian – or any language for that matter- will stay at a sub-par level.

  4. Even teaching introductory basic English requires proper legally registered as a teacher!Even teaching for free as you say you are doing which is a lie.You are being paid!You still need to have a work visa!Your breaking the law and why can't you just get a work visa since you say you get visas easy!Getting a business visa is actually easier in many aspects than a tourist visa!You just have to make up the correct paperwork!It's never checked by the Russian Consulate unless they have been informed of visa fraud beforehand.

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