What I learned about America by traveling 50 States

What I learned about America by traveling 50 States
Hiking our local mountain for a FOURTH OF JULY show, we look back on what we REALLY learned about America BY traveling America.

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What I learned about America by traveling 50 States

11 thoughts on “What I learned about America by traveling 50 States”

  1. This video left me with that feeling when you taste something so amazing, you don’t want to eat anything else, so that flavor can linger…….that feeling when you watch a movie so profound, you don’t want to move, or want anyone to speak so the feeling stays with you…… thank you.

  2. This is the my favorite video you have made so far. There should be more grateful videos like this posted everyday. Most Youtubers are so selfish, it's always about them. They won't even consider 15 minutes of their time to be thankful for all that's given to them in this world. God bless you and your family.

  3. So beautiful your family celebrating together on your mountain, at home. So very precious!! What you said in the video, was demonstrated by the family having a great time celebrating our nations BD together on their beloved mountain. Looks like an awesome tradition for the children to grow up with, just as you did. Loved this video!!

  4. Grow where you're planted. Indeed!!! Create your own experience. Learn from them, but don't try to imitate someone else's reality.

  5. "Happy 4th of July, y'all!" Justin's words one year ago as you visited our farm. Thanks for visiting us then, and glad you made it back to your mountain for this year's celebration.

  6. Grow where your planted ❤️ because the waters greener where it's watered 😉

  7. What did i learned? I learned we have the largest prison population in entire world. I learned wages have been stagnant since the 1970s. I learned that we support genocide abroad. Yee haw.

  8. I just love the wisdom you shared in this video, Justin!! With every video you post, I feel more and more of deep connection to your growing and lovely family and animals. IF you ever need an extra hand for a week, I would LOVE to VOLUNTEER and help with the farm chores and maybe even babysit your kids and homestead so you and Rebecca could get a 3 day weekend together! Consider a volunteer for a week or two program to lend a hand. Sending love to all of you!

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