WHAT DID IT COST to motorhome in EUROPE for 6 MONTHS?

WHAT DID IT COST to motorhome in EUROPE for 6 MONTHS?
Find out what it cost us to travel for 6 months through Europe. We break it down into overnight costs, food, fuel and attractions. We haven’t broken it down by country as we weren’t in some for very long but this will give you our overall costs. Our travels are still continuing even though we are leaving the Continent so stay tuned for more adventures!

A couple of middle-aged Kiwis travelling the world by plane, train and motorhome. The kids left home and so did we! We’re not professionals, we’re not experts, we just like to record what we see and do. Enjoy!


WHAT DID IT COST to motorhome in EUROPE for 6 MONTHS?

10 thoughts on “WHAT DID IT COST to motorhome in EUROPE for 6 MONTHS?”

  1. Thanks for sharing the costs, we were actually surprised by the amount as we actually thought it would have been more than that based on your videos, as you guys certainly did a lot while you were there. Maybe a trip through isn't as far out of reach as we first thought, haha, looking forward to your next adventures.

  2. techie Question; I know you were lucky with a sunny summer (UK excepted 🙂 ) As you did a fair bit of wildcamping did you have one or two leisure bateries and any idea what power solar panel you have.
    Great story to follow; you'll have to do a bloopers vlog to go with the final credits….

  3. What a fantastic journey and memories you have made , enjoyed watching your videos thankyou for sharing 😀👍

  4. A really useful vlog guys, a great breakdown of costs! It definitely differs cost of living wise from country to country, it’s great you’ve taken time to crunch the figures! Hope you’re well 😀👍👍👍

  5. Great info, tips and spectacular videos you've so graciously shared with us; useful to re-watch again prior to any travels to Europe/Scandinavia/Baltic areas. Much of your commentary style and humorous approach to life has been amusing. I'll continue to watch your uploads, as you share add'l travels in your future. I know this trip isn't quite over, so expecting more. However, one cannot predict what tomorrow might bring; however, I do know One who does, and pray you are blessed to know Him, as well. Much love and respect from U.S.A. (Texas).

  6. Reminds of those books europe on $51020 a day. Thank you for sharing your costs it certainly shows how economical motorhome travel can be. not counting the flexibility on your itinerary.

  7. Really enjoyed watching your travels I hope you will carry on vlogging ..Great videos fun interesting and informative
    Top stuff well done

  8. Wow , that's a really good holiday for that money. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed.
    What next, would you consider blogging New Zealand. It may encourage Europeans to visit

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