Volunteering In Africa | School In A Malawian Beach Paradise

Volunteering In Africa | School In A Malawian Beach Paradise
During my time in Malawi, I tried my hand at volunteering abroad in Africa for the first time. I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about volunteering – especially when children are involved. I was always worried about the experience being too much about me and not really beneficial to these sweet young minds.

When I first heard about NYM and met the people who run it, I fell in love though and decided to give it a try. I had a fantastic experience and in this vlog will show you some of the highlights. I was more focused on being in the moment and less focused on filming the entire adventure. But I hope this still gives you a good sense of what I got up to in Ruarwe where this charity and after school club is based.

If you have any questions about volunteering in Africa – or in general – please leave them in a comment below. If you’re interested I’d love to do a follow up video about volunteering, talking about good and bad practice.

To find out more about NYM and the NGO I volunteered with, head to https://phunzira.org. They’re always looking for help and would love to hear from you!


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Volunteering In Africa | School In A Malawian Beach Paradise

7 thoughts on “Volunteering In Africa | School In A Malawian Beach Paradise”

  1. I adore this video, Malawi looks beautiful. I am always wary of volunteering experiences abroad as they can cause more harm that good, it's so good to see that you were mindful of this when visiting the school.

  2. Im happy your saying that this voluntering is good because I personally want to work in the field of humanity but I learn that you have to be careful when you want to help! Especially when you have no experience, like helping with children, people pay a lot to help for 2week and do so much harm then good. I want to help but im going to make sure its actually helping. Im happy your been careful because what your doing is my dream and your not doing anything wrong, so thank for doing it!

  3. omgg it was soo fun! i want to go there and meet them haha what a lovely children💕 also you're so energetic, i love watching your videos!

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