Visit Venice – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Venice, Italy

Visit Venice - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Venice, Italy

From Walking above flooded streets, to walking the streets with some of the other 20 million tourists that to sardine sauce on your pasta, Venice has a lot that can shock a tourist in a good way and a not so good way. That’s why we have the 10 things that SHOCK tourists when they come to Venice, Italy. Venezia is an amazing island city that tourists have enjoyed for years, so please watch and enjoy us covering some of the best things to do in Venice, the culture shocks to look out for and some fun in the Veneto city of Venice.
Filmed in Venice, Italy
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Visit Venice – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Venice, Italy

20 thoughts on “Visit Venice – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Venice, Italy”

  1. Great video mark!!
    Have you any idea of luxury hotels in venice??
    Thank you very much
    Greetings from Yemen

  2. this video is terrific.  We are planning our FIRST EVER trip to Italy and France in September/October this year.  Do you think the twenty million tourists will be around then or will it hopefully be a bit less crowded?  And is it true that very early in the morning or sunset/later at night are good times to see the main parts of Venice without the crowds?  I'm getting excited!!!

  3. Great advice!
    To share a gondola ride whit other people and split the price, you can try the app kishare.
    It’s free!!!

  4. You don't mention one bad thing about Venice in summer – it stinks. You can smell it for miles.

  5. I've lived, studied and worked in Venice, never been on a gondola, too expensive, because tourists accept the price and keep it high, also gondola rides sometimes are advertised as 150-120 euros/hour…still very expensive. Venice is beautiful anyway and vaporetto boats are a much cheaper option to move around, but lately I've noticed lots of gipsies mixing with the tourists at the vaporetto stops, so watch out and hide your wallet on your body, do not keep valuables in a bag.

  6. Holidays in Jesolo, and always head into Venice, and agree, just let your self's get lost, and over the years, have got some amazing photos.  One thing about getting lost, never seem to find the same place twice, so maybe that's what's Venice is about, and can be on my feet for around 7 hours,

  7. I would make sure to eat fegato alla veneziana and some form of nero di seppia. And of course good wine to go with haha.

  8. I went last year and loved it. They way we found great places to eat was asking shop owners/workers the place they liked best. Had great food, reasonably priced and many times entertaining.

  9. Have you ever seen Chioggia? It's a little Venice but there arent tourist

  10. There was a trick I heard on another video – Go the opposite way to what the sign says.

  11. $80 gondola for half hour is not too bad if that's the price for the whole family. It's still cheaper than the gondola ride in the Venetian hotel Las Vegas. 🚤

  12. Mark have you ever been in Turin? It’s a wonderful city in Italy not far from Milan. It was the first capital of Italy! It’s a beautiful city because it is a fusion of French and Italian architecture plus it’s not expensive because it’s not so popular yet and the typical food is great, plus it’s a part of the mystic triangle with Prague and London and it’s full of magical symbols! Plus it’s really practical to move bc it’s a Roman city so it has a chess table structure!
    ofc I’m a turinese but the city is wonderful and surely deserves a visit! Plus the museums are great

  13. Get up early in the morning and watch all the boats come In Making deliveries. There are no trucks. Everything comes on boats and is delivered on hand trucks that have to go over the little bridges.
    Even bicycles and skateboards are banned in Venice.

  14. Love the place but be prepared. All those little souvenirs- Even the ones stamped Venezia , are made in China. The food is pizza and Gelato. I did find a Chinese noodle and Japanese place.

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