Visit Russia – 5 Love & Hates of St Petersburg, Russia

Visit Russia - 5 Love & Hates of St  Petersburg, Russia
The Best & Worst Parts of Visiting Russia & St. Petersburg. For many travelers visiting Russia is an incredible experience and for many their first views of Russia are through the former capital St. Petersburg. Here we give you the best (the art, architecture, churches) and the worst (lines at the hermitage, getting a visa, service) of visiting St. Petersburg, Russia.
Filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia
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The Don’ts of Visiting Russia

10 Shocks of Visiting Russia

What to Know Before You Visit Russia for the First Time

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Visit Russia – 5 Love & Hates of St Petersburg, Russia

14 thoughts on “Visit Russia – 5 Love & Hates of St Petersburg, Russia”

  1. you wont miss a thing if you don't visit russia. trust me, i know. even as a russian speaker our time there was awful. Wolter is a real champ for looking at the bright side and accepting all the crap as a "cultural difference".

  2. if you don't want to stand in a line in Hermitage you should come in the finish on the day, there is no line 2 or 1.5 hours before it close. Yes, we have a very good metro. If you have extra time you can visit parks and palaces around the city for example Pushkin or Pavlovsk or Petergof.

  3. I was born here and I live here. Saint Petersburg is not really safety?))))) I just came back from Ecuador and Columbia. Bogota is much more dangerous than St Petersburg, policemen every 50 meters and it's still dangerous to walk in Bogota. Guayaquil, Ecuador – we were asked not to catch taxi on the streets. So my city – St Petersburg is very safe.

  4. I absolutely loved the service in Russia, I was both in Moscow and St. Petersburg, a total of three months, where I was travelling and learning the Russian language, but I am coming from Israel and not from America so it could be the cultural difference there.

  5. As you may have noticed, not many people in Russia speak English, and I am no exception), I understand about 30% of your videos, but still watch). Could you write, you're from the USA, right? And what do you do in St. Petersburg? Thanks.

  6. Is it worth putting up with all the hassle and bureaucracy in order to experience the art and culture of St Petersburg? For me, I'm afraid not.

  7. I was there last summer!

    Another love: The Peterhof gardens and fountains are magnificient!

    Another "hate": there are prices for locals and prices for tourists everywhere.

    Another love: The high speed hydrofoil between the Peterhof and the Hermitage is a good way to quickly avoid road traffic, and a cool way to see the canals.

    Tip: Hire a local guide to bypass the massive queues to get in the Hermitage. Ours had a specific time appointment and got us in in minutes ahead of all the lines.

  8. I miss St. Petersburg. I've been there twice. Once in winter again in the spring. I always have a great time there. Luckily it's just a train ride away 🙂 I can attest to Russians being great people. Knowing Russian opens up a whole new side of Russia for the visitor.

  9. Some of the unfortunate sides of Russia are the lack of openness towards the LBGT community . ( This is still considered a crime ) Also if you don't look Russian or European ( aka white) there is a chance you will get stopped by police and have your documents checked. Always a good idea to have those on you.

  10. I found Russians (Moscow, St Pete and Sochi) to be very friendly and willing to help with anything. If you can even try a few phrases in Russian, that goes a long way as they will do the same in English.

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