Visit Russia – 10 SHOCKS of Visiting RUSSIA

Visit Russia - 10 SHOCKS of Visiting RUSSIA
Babushkas? Statues of Putin Riding a Bear? Flick Your Throat with Your Index Finger to Let The Locals Know You Need a Drink?
Russia is a truly shocking country to visit. From the people, to the sights, to the food, to Lenin’s tomb. There are so many amazing things to see and do in Russia that many tourists are shocked by the shere magnitude of the country, from St. Petersburg to Moscow to the Trans Siberian Railroad you can have an amazing time visiting Russia, whether it is for the Soccer World Cup Russia 2018 or for visits to see some of the most amazing museums in the world like the Hermitage or even to see some of the former communist USSR CCCP buildings. 10 Things That Shock tourists when they visit Russia. Cultural Shocks or Russia.
Filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia
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The DON’Ts of Visiting Russia

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Visit Russia – 10 SHOCKS of Visiting RUSSIA

17 thoughts on “Visit Russia – 10 SHOCKS of Visiting RUSSIA”

  1. And I would not go to Russia now. Russia is in the WWIII right now in the middle of Europe. People as we speak are sitting in trenches on both sides, the trenches are even longer then during WWI on the French side. Only yesterday, Russian forces 37 times heavily bombarded Ukrainian positions. Everyday Russians kill Ukrainian solders. During the 4 years of war 11 thousand Ukrainian solders were killed. So many families lost their fathers. Ukraine already going through 7th wave of total male mobilization, France during the WWI had only 3. I can not believe you are traveling to Russia, the country aggressor and under heavy sanctions. but if you travel as a foreigner, you could be kidnapped by the Russian government for ransom.

  2. Babushka is an official name for grandmother in Russia, but better to say babusya or just baba+the first name
    The same goes for dedushka-dedusya or deda.
    Russians are not reserved, they have the same mentality as for people in China, and Russia if you remeber in hisotry class was under Mongol rule for 250 years. Russians just do not give a shit about strangers, or anything. Smiles reserved only for friends and family.
    Russians make friends very fast and can forget you the following day.
    Why Russians tap on the side of the neck as saying lets have a drink? There is a story. Peter the great privatized alcohol selling and created government only pubs to serve alcohol. As a reward for exemplary service some people awarded tattoo on the side of the neck for free drinking at government establishments. Those people asking for a free drink would tap on the side of the neck and get a shot of vodka.

  3. Not sure why he would think getting visa support documents is difficult, they're easily available online

  4. Sorry to spam, but I cannot help inviting all friendly English-speaking persons to my channel to get to know Russian culture a little more.

  5. If you want to impress Russians be one of the few foreigners who say babushka correctly. The stress is on the first syllable not the second. It's BA-bushka not ba-BUSHka. I blame Kate Bush's song.

  6. Russia is shit. Russians are drunks and rapists. Russian women look like skank and whores.

  7. What shocked my poor husband BATHROOMS. And yes , he was carriying toilet paper with him at all times. When I use to live there I carried a bag with wet nepkins with me because not everywhere you'll have opportunity to wash your hands, no sope etc. And I have visited Moscow a few times, people are different there then in other parts of Russia (I lived in Staropol regeon, south of country).

  8. i'm russian and i give advice – use application on smartphone to call taxi, some yandex, uber, etc. They are much more cheap and more professional.

  9. I have a simple solution for countries that make it hard for people to visit, e.g., visa hassles, I don't visit them.

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