Traveling to 8 Countries in 2 Months Africa and Europe

Traveling to 8 Countries in 2 Months Africa and Europe
Traveling to 8 Countries in 2 Months Africa and Europe

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Traveling to 8 Countries in 2 Months Africa and Europe

12 thoughts on “Traveling to 8 Countries in 2 Months Africa and Europe”

  1. Jermaine, your vlogs are always interesting! You are reliable for that. You are very good with facts, observations and judgements. I'm glad you loved Southern Africa. I have only been to West Africa but look forward to visiting Southern Africa. I hope you do go to Mozambique (Tofo beach) and Tanzania – cause then I get to watch it! If you ever go to West Africa, do your research and choose your countries very carefully. Those in the know recommend Ghana (also Senegal and Gambia). Wherever you decide to go, have a great journey.

  2. I’m a loser I pay for tinder “ was funny . But yes when I travel I get swipes as well . I live in LA and yeah it’s not that great in Cali bro

  3. You've become one of my favorite youtubers.

    California is weird with chicks man. I used to live on the east coast and get so many chicks to hit me up and stuff. Since I moved out here it's totally different, chicks are kinda bougie.

  4. Well we know for sure Jermaine you are a lucky young man—far from ugly….so traveling is the right thing to do….the East Bay is way too negative for a beautiful mind… do what you have to do there and get your highs from other parts of this World…never let anybody or anything lower your vibration…..enjoy your life…..Be Safe.

  5. Jermaine you're the boss my boy its so true different countrys are better for women's friends so true make so many friends

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