Traveling Around Europe In A Van. Van Life!

Traveling Around Europe In A Van. Van Life!
“Christie and Dom, two adventurous 20 somethings seeking out the road less travelled. We decided to give real life a go for a few years but got itchy feet, so we’ve packed in our jobs, bought a van and are now road tripping around Europe.”

Christie and Dom are like alot of people, they have a gypsy soul and a big desire and need to travel. Now they live in a van called “Magnus The Mercedes” and are currently traveling all over Europe. Neat! Congrats you two for taking the van life plunge!

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Traveling Around Europe In A Van. Van Life!

13 thoughts on “Traveling Around Europe In A Van. Van Life!”

  1. Love it! I don't think that van style is available in the US but nice and spacious! I could see my husband and I with our pup in it. A bathroom is a must for me. We already purchased our compost toilet for future build😉

  2. Really nice rig 👍🏻 next video you do drop the volume of the music then you can be heard better. Thx

  3. You guys alwyas have the best videos!!! We love watching and learning about more amazing people in this community!

  4. Yes I really love the size of your mobile home it has all the conferts of home, just here in the United States where I live in California it would be very expensive to own because are Goverment want to have it smog every two years away to control your life that's why I would choose a trailer to pull or if it is 1975 or older you can get away of the smog law it gets to be very expensive and something else you have to worry about love everything about your van.

  5. i never comment on videos here on youtube, but i must say this van conversion is one of the best i've seen! i love the fact that it includes both a lounge area and a bed, no need to fold things up and down when you want to take a quick nap. the kitchen looks really nice and way bigger than most vans i've seen, and the bathroom is definitely something i love to see on vans. Great! really really great!!

  6. Looks very cool. But I thought the ending of the video was kind of uprupt. Like it wasn't finished yet.

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