Travel Video Review 02. – Mexico | Making Video Is Easy

Travel Video Review 02. - Mexico | Making Video Is Easy
Travel Video Review – Video 02 – 2018 Week 14
Making Video Is Easy.

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We will be reviewing Travel Videos every week, once a week we will short list 5 videos from the the Travel Video niche, pick one video and give you feedback about what we love and hate about the video then also take one element of the video and show you how to recreate it.

How to create videos using only your android or iphone smartphone of your holiday & vacation.

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Editing Videos is easier than you think.
Are you are a keen traveler looking to capture your adventures? Or perhaps a travel business looking to keep your blog & social media alive with gripping videos? We have designed creative solutions for you to start making your own memorable videos really quickly and easily.

We have all seen those videos by Casey Niestat, Peter Mckinnon, Jay Alvarrez & Jon Olsson (to mention but a few) These guys are fantastic film makers. But seriously, you can’t start there. These guys have spent years learning their craft.
They provide a great place to learn and be inspired, but if you want to give making films a go, then we suggest you start with what you already have in your pocket. There is no need to go out and buy expensive courses and DSLR cameras. Get started making videos with your smartphone! This way you can see if you like it without breaking the bank.

We think making videos is easier than you think so we have created a couple of FREE editing tutorials, which will take you step by step through the process of editing video on your smartphone (android & iPhone) , simply follow the link to our course is absolutely FREE.
Before you head out and waste a bunch of money on equipment take our FREE video editing tutorial.

This is the channel where we teach you how to make your own vacation travel and tourism videos.
If you own a travel business or just want to capture your memories of your vacation like & subscribe for hints tips and great videos shot on a budget, we will show you how we get the shots and how to edit, follow us as we create great videos of our experiences and adventures around the world.

Travel Video Review 02. – Mexico | Making Video Is Easy

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  1. Great idea for a new series. And I think its a fantastic idea to shoot this outside. Shots of Mexico look amazing, and that was a great review on how it was produced, with inflections… Here to support794 a fellow creator.

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