Travel to Russia – ST. PETERSBURG by train – Russian trip vlog

Travel to Russia – ST. PETERSBURG by train – Russian trip vlog
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Four hundred miles west of Moscow is St. Petersburg, the wonderful city! We’ve decided to travel there by train. From Moscow to St. Petersburg for the weekend. Join our trip!

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Travel to Russia – ST. PETERSBURG by train – Russian trip vlog

17 thoughts on “Travel to Russia – ST. PETERSBURG by train – Russian trip vlog”

  1. Дарья, у вас опять получился великолепный фильм) С огромным удовольствием посмотрела, побродила по Петербургу, в котором не была уже лет 10. Удачно подобран музыкальный фон фильма, точно передает настроение, время пролетает незаметно. Ждем ваших новых отчетов об интересных поездках по необъятной России. Привет вашему маленькому, но такому искреннему герою – Роману)). Удачи во всех делах!

  2. Privyet Anastasia! If I could close my eyes and recite the full dialogue of this episode, that may be an interesting way to learn. I used to have to learn poems in detention after school, so I have good practice! My work starts here.

  3. Мне очень нравятся твои видеоблоги, Дарья. Рома всегда заставляет меня улыбаться 🙂
    У Насти есть интересный способ чтобы найти новых студентов.

  4. Love this vlog! I want to visit Russia next summer, and this makes me wish it was now… Спасибо) )))

  5. Wow, good video , dear Daria , you make me feel like if I were there, that's another way to travel without pay for a tikcet ,
    Recieve a fraternal hug pretty girl ")

  6. It's very, very beautiful!!! And very, very historic!!! And it's spotlessly clean– the trains, the stations, the city and the streets. Beautiful!!! It's truely beautiful!!! By the standards of our country, this looks like a city of extra terrestrials, inhabited by some highly evolved race. Truely, now we see why St. Petersburg is called the cultural capital of Russia. All the cultural, historical and financial wealth of Russia can be seen here. Moscow the administrative capital, the center of power, and St. Petersburg the cultural capital. Beautiful!!!

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