Travel to Europe with Me! Sight Seeing in Florence!

Travel to Europe with Me! Sight Seeing in Florence!
The first of two Florence vlogs, I hope you enjoy! High quality wifi has been a bit tricky to find in Europe, so they’re a little delayed. The next vlog may have a sneaky designer handbag purchase… ciao! xx

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Travel to Europe with Me! Sight Seeing in Florence!

10 thoughts on “Travel to Europe with Me! Sight Seeing in Florence!”

  1. Aw it’s fun to see you interacting with people haha! That sounds funny but we usually just see you alone! Your face when she says it’s the best in the world was so amazed!!

  2. Florence is so beautiful, I went there last year in June and went to see Aerosmith perform live, ate a lot of gelato and pasta and it was one of the best weeks I've spent abroad ever. Your vlog just reminded me of how lovely it is.

  3. yummmm truffle gnocci! I love that Chanel lipstick on you. Hope your travels have been amazing, they sure look like it. <333

  4. Was inspired by you to complain in Starbucks today after they under-filled my drink 😂 felt so good! Also love your channel

  5. Lovely vlog! So nice to see Matilda, I always enjoy watching the content of you two!! Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  6. You so pretty and natural and glowy  💞✨ somehow watching you brings me piece of mind. Loving the trip vlogs gurlll

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