Street Food in Italy – FRESH SEAFOOD & FISH in Naples!!! ITALIAN STREET FOOD + Neapolitan Pizza

Street Food in Italy – FRESH SEAFOOD & FISH in Naples!!! ITALIAN STREET FOOD + Neapolitan Pizza


Welcome to a brand new episode of Chopstick Travel. Today we bring you to a food-lover’s paradise: NAPOLI! Italy is world renowned for its delicious cuisine and Naples is its epicentre. Pizza, pasta, spritz, seafood and so much more! Join us for the BEST street food tour in Naples!

We start the day at a local sweets shop to try sfogliatella and wash it down with a strong espresso. We then visit a local fish market and sample some seafood street side. Spritz is an Italian favourite to enjoy right before lunch, where we take you to Trattoria Da Nenella for a full on Neapolitan FEAST! A little more espresso and even Limoncello before we eat the most popular Italian dessert: gelato! We will finish off the day of eating pizza margherita at arguably the BEST pizza shop in the world! Join us for an Italian street food & dining FEAST!

Want to eat here too? Check out the information below!

Sfogliatella at Sfogliatella Mary
Galleria Umberto 1, 66, Napoli

Espresso & macchiato at Centrale del Caffè
Via Benedetto Croce, 16, Napoli

Seafood street food at Pescheria Azzurra
Via Portamedina, 5, Napoli

Aperol spritz at Caffè dell’Epoca
Via Santa Maria i Constantinopoli, 82-83, Napoli

Neapolitan meal at Trattoria Da Nenella
Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo, 103-105, Napoli

Espresso, limoncello, meloncello outside of Trattoria Da Nenella
See above

Chocolate & vanilla gelato at Gay Odin
Via Toledo, 214, Napoli

Pizza margherita at L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele
Via Cesare Sersale, 1, Napoli


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Street Food in Italy 2019
Street Food in Italy - FRESH SEAFOOD & FISH in Naples!!! ITALIAN STREET FOOD + Neapolitan Pizza