Italy Travel Guide | Certosa Di Pavia By Drone | HD Aerial Footage V.2

Italy Travel Guide | Certosa Di Pavia By Drone | HD Aerial Footage V.2

The Certosa di Pavia is a monastery and complex in Lombardy, northern Italy, situated near a small town of the same name in the Province of Pavia, 8 km north of Pavia. Built in 1396-1495, it was once located on the border of a large hunting park belonging to the Visconti family of Milan, of which today only scattered parts remain. It is one of the largest monasteries in Italy.
Certosa is the Italian name for a house of the cloistered monastic order of Carthusians founded by St. Bruno in 1044 at Grande Chartreuse. Though the Carthusians in their early centuries were known for their seclusion and asceticism and the plainness of their architecture, the Certosa is renowned for the exuberance of its architecture, in both the Gothic and Renaissance styles, and for its collection of artworks which are particularly representative of the region. This video was shot with a DJI Inspire2 Drone with a Zenmuse X5S camera.
The church is built on a Latin cross plan, with a nave, two aisles and transept, typical of Gothic architecture. The chancel terminates with an apse. It is covered by crossed vaults on Gothic arches and is inspired, on a reduced scale, by the Duomo of Milan. The vaults are alternatively decorated with geometrical shapes and starry skies. The transept and the main chapel end with square-plan chapels with smaller, semi-circular apses on three sides.

The façade of the church is famous for its exuberant decorations, typical of Lombard architecture, every part being decorated with reliefs, inlaid marble and statues. Sculptors who worked on it include Cristoforo Mantegazza and Giovanni Antonio Amadeo himself. In addition to applied sculpture, the facade itself has a rich sculptural quality because of the contrast between richly textured surfaces, projecting buttresses, horizontal courses and arched openings, some of which are shadowed, while those in the small belfries are open to the sky.

In 1492 Gian Giacomo Dolcebuono took up the construction, assisted on site, for he was cocurrently occupied with the cathedrals at Pavia and at Milan and other churches, by his inseparable collaborator on both cathedrals, Giovanni Antonio Amadeo. In their hands the project was thoroughly redesigned.[5] Scores of artists were involved. The classicist style portal is by Benedetto Briosco (1501). The porch has a large arch of classicist form resting on paired Corinthian columns which are each surmounted by a very strongly modelled cornice on which the arch rests, the construction being derived from the Classical, used by Brunelleschi, and employed here for a bold and striking effect. The decoration is of bas-reliefs illustrating the History of the Certosa. Above the central arch is a shallow balcony of three arches, above which rises the central window.

La Certosa di Pavia è un complesso monumentale storico che comprende un monastero e un santuario. Si trova nel comune omonimo di Certosa di Pavia, località distante circa otto chilometri a nord del capoluogo di provincia.
Edificato alla fine del XIV secolo per volere di Gian Galeazzo Visconti, signore di Milano, in adempimento al voto della consorte Caterina dell’8 gennaio 1390, e completato entro la fine del 1400 in circa 50 anni, assomma in sĂ© diversi stili, dal tardo-gotico italiano al rinascimentale, e vanta apporti architetturali e artistici di diversi maestri del tempo, da Bernardo da Venezia, il suo progettista originario, a Giovanni Solari[4] e suo figlio Guiniforte, Giovanni Antonio Amadeo, Cristoforo Lombardo e altri.
Originariamente affidato alla comunitĂ  certosina, poi quella cistercense e, per un breve periodo, anche quella benedettina, dopo l’unificazione del Regno d’Italia la Certosa fu dichiarata nel 1866 monumento nazionale e acquisita tra le proprietĂ  del demanio dello Stato italiano, così come tutti i beni artistici ed ecclesiastici in essa contenuti; dal 1968 ospita una piccola comunitĂ  monastica cistercense.

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Italy Travel Guide | Certosa Di Pavia By Drone | HD Aerial Footage V.2