10 Amazing Things to do in Rome Italy | Rome Travel Guide

10 Amazing Things to do in Rome Italy | Rome Travel Guide

☑ The Italian capital Rome without any doubt one of the best and most Fabulous cities in the globe. Every year an incredible number of visitors come from various parts of the world to adore the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art work and structures.

☑ But a trip to the Eternal City can be very confusing for first-time travelers. But our Rome travel guide will make your Rome city tour easier to uncover best amazing things to do in Rome (Italy), like which places to visit, how to save Money in Rome, Weather in Rome, Cultures & Customs, What to Eat in Rome, Best food in Rome, Avoid Pick pocketing, Rome Entry & Exit Requirements etc. that nobody had covered till now.

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✈ planning your travel in Rome

✿ considering that Rome is such a big tourist draw, select the date for your trip wisely. The ideal times of the year to check-out are April, May, and late September through October. In summer, the high temperature and the crowds of people make the city almost intolerable.

✿ August in particular should be avoided mainly because this is the month that the whole country of Italy would seem to go on holiday vacation. Flying too late or too early in the calendar year can also be risky mainly because the opening hours for most attractions are shorter, and several are closed totally.

✿ In case If you can program to stay as long as a week, you will not run out of things to do in Rome and you will still feel like you’re getting out too soon. But if your time is very limited, allow for at minimum three to four days to check out all of Rome attractions.

00:49 St .Peters Basilica
05:24 Trevi Fountain
07:01 Pantheon
07:43 Colosseum
08:46 Vatican Museums
10:00 Roman Forum
11:51 Santa Maria Della
15:43 St. Louis Church
17:24 Pizza Navona
17:59 Spanish Steps
19:33 save Money in Rome
23:25 Weather In Rome
23:51 Cultures & Customs
24:46 What to Eat In Rome
25:57 Avoiding Pick Pocketing
26:20 Entry & Exit Requirements


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10 Amazing Things to do in Rome Italy | Rome Travel Guide