Backpacking Travel Tips for Beginners – Southeast Asia

Backpacking Travel Tips for Beginners – Southeast Asia

10 Backpacking Travel Tips for Beginners should get you started on your travel adventures within Southeast asia. Many countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Bali etc. have a strong backpacking foundation and are a lot easier to travel within that you think. We put together this really basic guide to get you started. The first step in starting backpacking is deciding what type of backpacker you are. We classified them in three groups: Extreme budget backpacking, Middle of the road (don’t mind paying a little bit more for comfort), and the money is no problem backpacker. Once you decide what type of backpacker you are then check our our travel tips below to get you started on your journey.

Tip 1: Always be flexible when traveling and especially when your backpacking in Southeast Asia
Tip 2: Where to look for travel advice
Tip 3: What vaccinations do I need to visit Southeast Asia?
Tip 4: What type of travel insurance should you get?
Tip 5: What bag should you bring backpacking?
Tip 6: When should you change money when visiting a country?
Tip 7: What type of hotels or hostels should I book when visiting Asia?
Tip 8: What type of in country transportation can I expect in Southeast Asia?
Tip 9: Going on day trips and excursions in the country your visiting
Tip 10: Talk to other travelers for advice on travelling

The main thing I always believe to keep an open mind and stay positive, then no matter where you are or what you do, you’ll always be happy πŸ˜‰

Backpacking list ————————

Osprey Atmos 65 Backpack (newer version of mine) :
North Face diad 18 daypack :
First Aid Kit:
Power Converter:
Bens wipes:
Neoprene camera wrap:
Joby Gorilla pod:
Headphone adapter:

Camera Equipment I like ———————————————–

Canon 80d –
Canon G7x Mark ii –
Sony RX100 IV –
Takstar SGC 598 Microphone –
Rode Video Mic Pro (if your on a budget get the above mic) –
MeFoto Travel Tripod for backpacking –


Important websites ——-

Lonely Planet Guide Books:
Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum:
Vaccinations you should get (CDC website) –
Travel Insurance –

Hotel Apps/Websites ——

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Backpacking Travel Tips for Beginners - Southeast Asia