South Africa travel vlog 🇿🇦 Drakensberg Mountains

South Africa travel vlog 🇿🇦 Drakensberg Mountains

My parents and I recently drove a few hours to the Drakensberg region in South Africa. Drakensberg means Dragon Mountains, by the way. No dragons were found, unfortunately, but we did find a rock pool and spontaneously decided to go swimming, just before getting caught in the rain. If you ever have a chance to visit South Africa, this mountain range is one of my country’s most beautiful!


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Hi! I’m Lindie. I was born in South Africa and raised in the Middle East and Asia. I work as a graphic designer and tutor foreign languages on the side. Here you’ll find language learning tips, my experience learning certain languages, and some vlogs. I hope to share my passion for languages with you in a way that inspires you to keep going and reach your goals! I’m also a follower of Jesus and strive to shine His light and give credit to Him in all I do.

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South Africa travel vlog 🇿🇦 Drakensberg Mountains