4 thoughts on “Tips For Traveling Europe – In Rome, Italy”

  1. Jeff, are you going to Sicily? I heard you could take a boat from there to Malta. Also, if you go to Greece, you might as well go Cypress too. I would say that you should go to Istanbul, Turkey. But it's a huge city. I agree with some people that you should go through the Adriatic coast with the former Yugo states. But you have lots of options. Thought you were heading to Israel though. Tel Aviv, I hear is like another up and coming Silicon Valley. Safe travels buddy 🇺🇸🌎🇪🇺

  2. Go to Sicily Taormina, it is insanely beautiful. Delicious clams and carpaccio. Some of the most beautiful people you've ever seen.

  3. I like it when you talk about what you like and why you like areas and then talk about the areas you would recommend skipping. I am with you, southern areas are my favorite. Not a fan of the northern eu areas. People not as friendly in northern. How do the people react to us Americans? FOOD, hotels, mistakes and your favorite things-sights-travel tips anything that mad you real happy.

  4. I can't seem to chat. It's 6.23am here so I must have missed you. Would love to see Mykonos, Ibiza. Why didn't you like Berlin? In Italy you have got to go to Milan. The shops. Have a great time.

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