THIS HAPPENED In ITALY! | 4 Meals In A DAY, And A RING For Dessert…

THIS HAPPENED In ITALY! | 4 Meals In A DAY, And A RING For Dessert...
Travel With Torin, Episode 24: THIS Happened In Italy!

We have found our groove at the villa, and that groove consists of meals in between meals, because, well…Pizza.

We cram in as much food, and as much fun as we can in this episode, and we save the best for the end. Torin and I had been working on a little surprise for Haejin, and it was finally time to SPRING IT ON HER!

Watch the episode to find out what we had up our sleeves!

01:59 – Poolbeanies –
04:29 – Il Baretto –
06:15 – Lugano, Switzerland
07:07 – Bucherer | Lugano –
07:33 – Spaghetti Store, Lugano –
08:13 – Läderach Swiss Chocolatier –

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About Us:

We are a family of travel addicts, and we more or less gear everything we do in our lives towards traveling. As a result, our son, Torin, has become an expert traveler by the age of 7.

Travel is not just a joy for us all, but it enhances so many aspects of our lives, through new experiences, meeting new people, and seeing new cultures and ways of life. It is for this reason that we have created this channel to chronicle Torin’s growth along with us as a traveler.

Additionally, by the time he is in his early double digits of age, we plan to take a year off from school, from work, and travel the world with him, to live in as many different places as we can, to show him, that even though the world is full of differences, it’s those differences that make the world so wonderful.

We hope you join us on our journey as we Travel with Torin.

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THIS HAPPENED In ITALY! | 4 Meals In A DAY, And A RING For Dessert…

6 thoughts on “THIS HAPPENED In ITALY! | 4 Meals In A DAY, And A RING For Dessert…”

  1. Hey Everyone! We've got quite a few new folks here who have joined our little TWT YouTube family, so Torin and I want to say a big, warm WELCOME to you all! We hope you enjoy the latest travel episode! Leave us a comment below, and let us know what ya think! Make sure you are subscribed and hit that bell for notifications! And TELL YOUR FRIENDS about us! HAPPY TRAVELS! – Torin and Kevin

  2. Kevin, the video was just superb as usual. Did you have any training in videography or editing, because the work is flawless. Personally, I don't think that pizza and ice cream is such a bad diet, especially in Italy! Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary and the way you presented Abado with her ring. It was so nice to see you including Torin giving the ring to her. A video of Villa Passalaqua by the real estate company selling it popped up on my feed but it was no where as well produced or informative as yours.

  3. I loved all the happy family moments! So many smiles, lots of laughter and best of all, the "little black bag" moment! That was perfect! Well done Kev and Torin! Makes the LAX transit hand-off experience even more special! Proud and very happy Abado! ❤️

  4. How damned romantic! Congratulations on your anniversary and that of your in laws. Loved that you ate pizza, drank beer and went into Switzerland!! Your future sounds pretty amazing, can't wait to see your travels and where life takes you.

  5. This has been a perfect video with a HUGE👍. Torin is for sure getting a great way to learn about different countries and most of all the best education that makes it enjoyable at the same time.

  6. Absolutely first class footage.The scenary was simply breath taking.
    Torin sure is receiving the best education experiencing life first hand.On a romantic note the gift to your wife Kevin (whom I might add has a great smile) was such a wonderful suprize and was shared by your famaily together.I sincerely wish you both every happiness for your future.Now to end with what I hope is spelt correctly in korean.
    "Kum sum yee da"
    Excellent work guys.
    Big thanks for the welcome Im a new fan

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