Things they DON’T tell you about Italy…

Things they DON'T tell you about Italy...
Since I’ve been traveling in Italy, I’ve discovered a few things you must see in Italy (in particular, a few things you must see in Sicily, like Mount Etna!) But there are a couple secrets of Italy as well… including several things they don’t tell you about Italy.


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Things they DON’T tell you about Italy…

18 thoughts on “Things they DON’T tell you about Italy…”

  1. The beginning part of that video was straight out of a flipping documentary of your lives. It was a beautiful movie trailer and home movie in 1. So awesome.

  2. I love the cinematic storylines! Definitely would love to see where it continues to go.

  3. you will have wifi in the uk. most pubs offer it for free and since they're on every street corner you never lose connection.

  4. I like your format… creative coupled with the focus on the two of you and your lives! Also, like the informative stuff you toss out 🙂

  5. I think you are soooo talented at this type of vlog – more movie/artsy/creative 😍

  6. So excited that your coming to us in the uk have a absolute fabulous time the weather is amazing

  7. Love this video!! The beginning with the music was perfection, it made me feel so at peace and calm. You have a great eye ❤. …also, bruh, what was that creature!! Chupacabra 😂

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