The Most Dangerous Mall In America.

The Most Dangerous Mall In America.
Today we explore what remains of Baltimore’s Old Town Mall. This mall is an outdoor pedestrian mall with buildings over 200 years old. The strip is littered with abandoned buildings, crime, homeless, and empty promises of redevelopment. Join us today as we explore what was left behind in this dangerous area.
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The Most Dangerous Mall In America.

17 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Mall In America.”

  1. My husband purchased a Polaroid of the Plus Fashion store front for me for Christmas, from Dan Bell. It’s was nice to see where it was and the history about it. Love you in the ADR series and as always I love Dan Bell.

  2. This was a very scary video. The eerie abandonment and possible people within the stores is creepy. Then when one of you said get in the car it scared the heck out of me. The headlights following you then you losing him only for him to reappear…you couldn’t script that better. I actually think you guys were very brave for walking around there at night. Great job.

  3. Dan took us there during the day and it was creepy then. At night is something else

  4. Awh!Brennen!! This is amazing I've been watching you alot on Jake's channel and ADR I'm a huge fan! You all have inspired me to start doing my own urban exploring/abandoned exploring latley,thank you so much for your amazing work❤❤❤

  5. Damn. I got to this video at 666 views 😳. Super creepy, surreal place. Great video once again man!

  6. Very interesting place. I've not seen this. Yeah, it's creepy alright. Back in '68,, one step forward, ten steps backwards.

  7. Great video! Fantastic you're also collaborating with Dan Bell, you guy's make a great team.

  8. Those old pics of this!! It was beautiful at one time. What a scary thing with that creepy person in the car.

  9. Don't blame you getting off, Dodgy place maybe during the day would be a bit saver for you guys great to see more from there 👍

  10. Complete the explore in the car 🤣. Bunch of wimps. I do this alone like a man lol.

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