The Best New Restaurants in New York City || Invite Only

The Best New Restaurants in New York City || Invite Only
Millions of readers turn to Thrillist’s restaurant recommendations every month, and on this inaugural episode of Invite Only, we’re showing you two of the best new eateries in the “Greatest City in the World:” New York. We have details on Oxomoco, a new Mexican concept from the minds behind Speedy Romeo, and Sofreh, a Persian restaurant that Thrillist recently named one of the best new restaurants in the entire country. Make your reservations now, people.

For more than a decade Thrillist has been telling you about the best places to eat in your city. We’re basically the most trusted voice in the industry (and much more trustworthy than your buddy Larry). Now, we’re bringing all the can’t-miss picks you know and love to YouTube, with Invite Only: a quick hit of the best new restaurants,in your own backyard, complete with gratuitous food porn. Reserve your spot, today.

What’s the best new show to binge-watch? Where should I eat dinner tonight? When is the best time to visit Thailand? Why do people think oysters make you horny? At Thrillist, we’ve been giving you the best advice in the world regarding food, drink, travel, and entertainment for a decade. And now, we’re bringing all of our favorite topics right to your (small) screen, every day, with the Daily Hit. Expect a new episode every morning, at TKam. Like Mom always said: It’s good to be regular.

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The Best New Restaurants in New York City || Invite Only