STRANGEST Abandoned Hotels Around The World Part 2

From an abandoned Russian mafia resort to an bizarre former stronghold, these are 8 STRANGE Abandoned Hotels around the world, part 2

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7. Grossinger’s Catskill Resort, New York

6. Roy’s Motel Café, Amboy California

5.Wonderland Hotel, Elkmon Tennesee

What’s creepier than an abandoned hotel? How about an abandoned hotel in the woods!

The Wonderland Hotel began when Little River Railroad realized they needed some way to market the tracts of land they owned. Much of the land was all logged out, so in 1911 the president of the company tried giving 50 acres to Charles Carter, told him to build on it, and started promoting the area for hunting and fishing. The plan worked!

There he built the Wonderland hotel, with 26 rooms, antique claw footed bath tubs, a beautiful view of the mountains, and a lobby with a large brick fireplace and posh couches.

The once empty space grew and grew, with so many visitors coming by that the more affluent ones wanted something more exclusive, and opened an “Appalachian club” on a nearby tract of land. Eventually that exclusive club grew too large and started rejecting members, who ended up buying the Wonderland Hotel and changing that to a private club too. In 1920, the Wonderland Club Hotel closed their doors to the public, catering only to their wealthy members, and built out an additional annex.

Things seemed to be going well, for a little while, until the railroad leading to the hotel was dismantled and turned into a small private road, and the surrounding areas designated a national park. The hotel managed to hold onto their lease, clinging to the property with fewer and fewer visitors, until eventually ceasing all operations in 1992. With part of it lost in a fire in 1995, by 2005 the remnants of the hotel had collapsed, it was dismantled, and parts of the once exclusive property in the woods were set aside for preservation in an archive.

4.Igloo City, 180 miles north of Anchorage Alaska

3.Costa Del Croco, Tsarevo Bulgaria

There were many notable failures when the housing market collapsed in 2008, but this one was by far one of the largest. Planned to be a 62,000 square meter development, with 16 sections, 53 buildings that had 927 apartments, hotels, casinos, a hospital, and more… now the remains from the beginning of this construction lay vacant and abandoned. A beautiful vacation resort and invesment properties spanning the Bulgarian coastline What happened to this grand project? The mafia.

The Russian mafia to be specific. The managers of this now bankrupt development company, Andrey Panpurin and Konstantin Tsiganov, were found by Bulgarian authorities to have ties to violent Russian crime syndicate UPS Uralmash, a “threat to Bulgarian security,” and banned from entering the country’s territory for 10 years. With the main investors banned, and funds coming into the development drying up, the project was abandoned and the collosal remains of this ambitious development now lay vacant, waiting for someone to take over and see the vision through.

2.Diplomat Hotel in the Philippines

1.Hotel del Salto, 20km SW of Bogota

While not quite as frightening as our final entry, this place can easily give you the chills. A giant classical mansion built overlooking a waterfall, eventually abandoned and left to the elements with rumors of hauntnigs.

The hotel del salto was built in 1923 in Colombia (around 20km south of Bogota) for a wealthy architect. In 1928, an addition was built and it was opened to wealthy city travelers visiting the Tequendama Falls area. It gained in popularity and grew, with ambitious plans to expand it into an 18 story hotel in the 1950’s, but the plans fell through, construction never started, and eventually the building sustained too much damage for expansion to begin.

Its demise was helped by two other factors. One, the insane pollution levels of the Bogota river. Some sources have it listed as one fo the most polluted bodies of water in the world, obviously not a great draw for tourism. And two, rumors of hauntings from people jumping off the waterfalls. There were tales of Indigenous Indians jumping from the waterfalls to escape the Spanish Conquerors and turning into Eagles at the bottom, soaring away to their freedom. Unfortunately these romantic tales inspired locals to jump off the waterfall.. And not turn into eagles.

The hotel was closed in the 90s and left abandoned, until partially reopening in 2013 as a museum of biodiversity and culture.
STRANGEST Abandoned Hotels Around The World Part 2
STRANGEST Abandoned Hotels Around The World Part 2

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