Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel In My City (1 STAR)

Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel In My City (1 STAR)

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Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel In My City (1 STAR)

16 thoughts on “Staying At The Worst Reviewed Hotel In My City (1 STAR)”

  1. 3 Dislikes the employees must have found my channel lol. Make sure notifications are on cause 2019 is going to get crazy! I am still getting a tattoo from the worst reviewed place lol be ready for that!

  2. My name is Lexi
    I am from New Jersey
    And a fact about me is I am a videographer and photographer

  3. The worst hotel experience I ever had was at the Knights Inn here in Phoenix Arizona. Yes it's ghetto, literally 100feet from a strip club lol. But I remember one night my boyfriend at the time & I got a room there, I requested a new room 2 times because the first one had pee in the toilet with a hole in the door & hair still on the pillows. The 2nd room had meth residue/ pipes in the drawers. Also that same night police / helicopter were chasing a suspect through the hotel complex & come to find out a man was shot from an altercation that took place outside the strip club …

  4. My name's yesenia I'm 22 from Arizona… Random fact: I was supposed to be born on Valentines day but instead was born on George Washington's bday 🎉 side note my cousin & I also share that birth day 😊🎉

  5. I've been inside a Motel 6 before and it was wayyy better than this! 😱 There was a working mini fridge, cable, WiFi, working clean shower and toilet, soap, towels, shampoo, and…a microwave! And I believe it was $40 a day 😳 But I really enjoyed this video and the others 😄

  6. My name none your business stat Texas and a random fact about me is my dad will Kik you ass if you try looking for me

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