St Martin Airport Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 Landings

St Martin Airport Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 Landings
For those who enjoy flying and big planes, here is short clip with 4 majestic Boeing 747 landings at the St Martin Airport – Princess Juliana SXM.

For those of you not familiar with this airport, this is a very unique airport in the entire world. It has a short runway located between water and mountains. Hence, it makes for some spectacular landings and takeoffs.

There are other airplanes landings at the St Maarten airport (one of the most dangerous airports in the world) in addition to the Boeing 747 (KLM – Amsterdam to St Martin) such as: Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing 767 and of course the Airbus 340 (AirFrance – Paris to St Maarten).

I will post several airplane takeoffs and Airbus 340 landings in some separate videos. In the mean time enjoy this video!
Maho Beach is one of the world’s best plane-spotting locations, with thousands of brave holidaymakers flocking there every day to stand directly under the flight path as passenger jets buzz overhead.

The blast from the engines of passing planes has been known to blow beachgoers’ hats off their heads and pelt them with sand and other debris.

Signs warn visitors that jet blast from arriving and departing planes can cause serious injury or even death.

Thrillseekers have been known to hold onto a chain-link fence when a jet is preparing for take-off so they are blasted by the engines and lifted off the ground.

Princess Juliana, located on the Dutch side of the island (the other half is a French overseas collectivity), is the second-busiest airport in the eastern Caribbean region.

Its runway is less than half the length of those found at many international airports.

It was previously named one of the world’s most dangerous airports by the History Channel programme Most Extreme Airports.
Boeing 747s Will No Longer Make The World’s Scariest Landing:
The world’s scariest airplane landing—or coolest, depending on who you ask—happens when KLM flies its Boeing 747 flight into St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport. For years, crowds have gathered on Maho Beach to watch the four-engine jumbo jet barely clear the sand before landing at the Caribbean airport.

But the times are a-changing, and the iconic 747 will no longer make this crazy landing following its final touchdown this morning. KLM flight 785 will start being operated by the much smaller (but still pretty impressive) Airbus 330 on October 30.

St Martin Airport Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 Landings

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