Slovenia Travel Vlog Day 2 – Lake Bled & Cream Cake

Slovenia Travel Vlog Day 2 - Lake Bled & Cream Cake
48 hours in snowy Slovenia! On day 2 I visited Lake Bled and ate the famous Cream Cake! Subscribe to my channel for more life abroad and travel videos:

The hotel that I stayed in:

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Thanks again everyone for voting! Can you believe I finally got to see the stunning Lake Bled in the Snow? It was a breathtaking experience! One tick off my bucket list! Thank you for watching my Slovenia travel vlog!

x Sandy

Slovenia Travel Vlog Day 2 – Lake Bled & Cream Cake

13 thoughts on “Slovenia Travel Vlog Day 2 – Lake Bled & Cream Cake”

  1. Bled is in Gorenjska "North Slovenia" every 4th word from there is german so…you wouldn't be surprised how they're calling a steak…schnitzel.

  2. Gorgeous, beautiful mountains. The hotel, the snow, the food, the view – Thanks for the Vlog!

  3. Come here …if you liked the snow we have a lot of it …nice video. I saw a couple waking a dog. I just love dogs. Have a nice week

  4. travel to the cradle of culture, Macedonia, Lake Ohrid, the oldest lake in the world, or Europe, I don't know, the Earth was created 6K years ago anyway:) the deepest lake in Europe 300 meeters.

  5. Come to Mexico, Baja California has the perfect mediterrenian weather, and we have the best wine region this side of the pond.. haha.. ill be your tour gide 😉

  6. thanks for taking us along the journey, Sandy 🙂 have you thought about visiting eastern Europe? Or maybe you've already been there

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