SKETCHBOOK TOUR! Travel in Europe part 2

Travel through my travel sketchbook that traveled with me through Europe!…travel! If you missed part one you can watch it here –



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SKETCHBOOK TOUR! Travel in Europe part 2

20 thoughts on “SKETCHBOOK TOUR! Travel in Europe part 2”

  1. can you make a drawing with anime meets reality concept in mind? love your videos btw big fan of the coffee paintings ^^

  2. I would have loved to meet you while you were in France ^^
    Could have suggested you to visit the Museum of Magic

  3. Hey Mary! I found your channel a week or so ago and I love it! I used to love drawing when I was younger, but as I grew up and developed depression (anxiety, eating disorder, etc.) I lost momentum and haven't drawn in years (aside from some sketches in my notebooks at school, lol). But, while recovering, you inspired to be have at it again. Thanks to your drawing supplies video I'm about to order some supplies and get back into drawing so essentially I just wanted to say thank you. <3

  4. Gawsh you inspire me so much! I made a Triptych for art class and I did so well, AP art students loved it. Its all in water color and I am so happy with how it turned out

  5. Mary Doodles, your sketchbooks are so scrumptious. I wish I could draw one thing. I have so many journals, sketchbooks, w/c paper (Arches, of course. Do you say "Arches" or "Arch"? Be careful how you answer). I am a very happy person but art is my nemesis. grrrr!!!

  6. Always love seeing your sketches! They make me happy and (being weird) I especially like the sounds of the pages as you run your hand over them and turn them. Would you consider drawing evil in its adolescence, like a vampire discovering its love of fruit juice or a teenage invisible man trying (and failing) to make a self portrait with a mirror?

  7. I love your sketches and your art that you create. It is truly inspiring, I was curious how you get so motivated to keep it up? I love sketching and drawing I just haven't gotten that thing to keep me going like in high school. I used to draw and sketch everyday, I'm not sure what changed.

  8. What kind of moleskin is that? I'd like to know so i can start sketching as soon as possible!:)

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