Scotland: Highland Games – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Scotland: Highland Games - Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide - Travel Bite
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Communities throughout Scotland host a Highland Games, where kilted athletes from the surrounding countryside gather to show off their speed, strength, and grace. A Highland Games is an all-day celebration of local sport and culture, like a track meet and a county fair rolled into one.

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Scotland: Highland Games – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

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  1. Ha! Looks fun 😉 Great Sport Steve ! :)) My Ancestory comes from France Dad side and Germin my mother's Dad Side ..think some Dutch. So Wounderful to see all these different Cultures ..Thanks Steve 🙌

  2. That tiny dancing Scottish girl has got to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Reminds me of my niece at that age.

  3. Such games are held outside Scotland as well. Anyone in Oregon (or nearby in Washington) who's interested should look up the Athena Caledonian Games.

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