10 thoughts on “Saturday night VASlive chatting about JFK and other airports situation”

  1. How r u so updated with all the info with JFK? I'm gonna work at JFK soon and would like to keep myself updated with all this info

  2. Yeah, it's a mess however in this day and age it's easier and safer to handle than even a couple of decades ago. Back then, traffic was higher and we didn't have the benefit of the modern technology. MUCH more of a mess for all involved for sure. This is more of a mid term inconvenience than anything else…

  3. thats nothing….. i live in north east montana (no mountains….just flat BS)
    160 inches of snow in 2011…….this year we got about 3 feet already….temps have been around -30f…..-50 with wind chill

    we havent even had a snow day for the high school kids for the last 50 years……

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