Q&A: Life in Italy, Dating Italians, How to Stay Safe as a Female Travelling Solo

Q&A: Life in Italy, Dating Italians, How to Stay Safe as a Female Travelling Solo
Thanks for waiting! I’ve been awake for three days straight trying to get this to you quickly! Thank you to everyone who either left a comment for this Q&A or sent me a DM privately on Instagram. In this video I chat with my best friend (and fellow expat in Italy) Brian about dating, love, relationships in Italy, how make friends in foreign country, how to stay safe as a female travelling alone, how to move to Italy or to a foreign country and live alone or travel alone, my favourite books and more. We couldn’t fit all your questions into one video but I have saved the ones we missed to answer next time I do a Q&A! I promise!! I felt so bad not fitting in every question! 🙁 WE LOVE YOU so much. Thank you for your support!
Kylie (and Brian)
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Q&A: Life in Italy, Dating Italians, How to Stay Safe as a Female Travelling Solo

16 thoughts on “Q&A: Life in Italy, Dating Italians, How to Stay Safe as a Female Travelling Solo”

  1. Went on date with Italian guy rude as f… Narcissist and sociopath . User and abuser with tiny penis.. he tried to put fingers betteen my legs in pub. He told me he always dump the girls .. he verbally abuse girls in public places … Kisses girls front of his gf…

  2. Hi Kylie, so happy to hear that cycling 🚴‍♀️ in Rome can be done safely as I love my bike and am moving to the city next month. 🌞kudos for cycling in heels 👠

  3. Agreed, you do have to be very paranoid and cautious as a solo female traveler, unfortunately :/

  4. I'm introvert and the issue i have in finding a girl is that when i finally get to talk to someone i get scared of committing to it so the conversation just fades out. Happens every time and so annoying 😔

  5. So you have lived in Italy for over 7 years and studying the language that long? How long after moving there did you feel like you reached the point of fluency?

  6. This Q&A is so Human, if that make sense ☺️I love that you show your feelings and true values 🙂 thank you for that!

  7. Your advice to 20 year olds hit home so hard… I'm 24 but this completely describes me. I was so impatient to find the career and lifestyle I wanted, and was taking the risks I thought I needed to make it happen. This past year the biggest lesson I've learnt is exactly what you said. Be patient: don't mark your success with check boxes, but with what you learn, the people you meet and the experiences you curate along the way <3

  8. your friendship reminds me of what my best friend and I have, we went to uni in England together but haven't seen each other since because he moved back to Mauritius! And this year I finally have a good job and can go visit him haha it's been 7 years and we've been in and out of touch, but I know that when we see each other it will be the same, thats what real friendships are! I look at your friendship and see mine 🙂 it's a lovely feeling!!! please do more q&a-s together <3 (p.s.the first part with Brian in the bathtub was hilarious) xxxx

  9. I like the connection you two have, platonic relationships are the best. Y me gustó el muchacho con que estuvieron hablando, en mi país se piensa igual.

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