Q&A – Full time living in a VAN in Europe

Q&A - Full time living in a VAN in Europe
Q&A Vanlife – you asked, we answer! We are a couple that has lived FULL TIME in our camper van almost three years now! This is our first Q&A video. Nighst are getting dark and cold, so have a beverage of your choise with Vantastic!

Thank you for everyone who has ever commented any of our videos. We are kind of lazy to answer your questions in our normal vlogs (sorry!) so we made a separate question and answer video.

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Q&A – Full time living in a VAN in Europe

10 thoughts on “Q&A – Full time living in a VAN in Europe”

  1. In this video we answered the questions you posted on our social media. If you have any further questions, we are here in the middle of pitch black forrest to answer your Q's until our batteries die! Thanks for watching our silly little videos. 🙂

  2. Kiitos! Another honest, interesting vlog. You are our favorite Finns. Yes. Iceland and Faroe Islands. Portugal you might well enjoy. Beautiful wild nature, gentle kind people, farmers markets, so many beautiful surprises. So inexpensive, and welcoming. Wishing you 4 happy and safe travels.

  3. I Loved this video, it felt like I was sitting across the table from you. Joni, were you in the army because of conscription?… Do the women also have to do Military service ?

  4. I'm watching a replay of this Q&A and I'm laughing so much at your bluntness! "I guess if somebody wants to stop us and kill us, well we will just die" 🤣 You're totally right: you protect your home and yourselves as best you can, but there's no point overly worrying. Common sense and humour- you guys are a classic 👍🏾👌🏾

  5. Hi! Thanks for sharing your stories, it's nice to see that day to day life can be simple in a van. One question: how long is the bed? do you get to stretch out? Also next time you come to bologna don't forghet to check out the hills, I could point you at a couple of places where you can park or where there's a fireplace

  6. Wow an empty van is the same price as a fully stocked van. Mind blown for sure. When you come to Canada, I would be happy to show you around although I am sure Toronto is not your typical destination. Algonquin park is a must for your nature fix in Ontario

  7. I thought you might have clearance issues. You should totally take your van on the ferry to Iceland. I've been thinking the same once I get a similar vehicle.

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