Paseo: Best Resort Community | REALTY-V #25

Paseo: Best Resort Community | REALTY-V #25
Finding your BEST community in Florida is SO much more than just the number of bedrooms and bathrooms…. It’s about the lifestyle you want to live!

This season on Realty-V I’m going to share the BEST communities and why I rank them so highly.

First up is Paseo for Best Resort Community. Want to live like you’re on a permanent vacation? Heck yea! Who doesn’t!?!

There’s a reason why Paseo has won Best Community several years running… the Spanish-style Stock development has everything you could possibly want…. as long as you’re not a golfer. You’ll feel like you live at a vacation resort. You can get into these condos, townhomes, villas and homes from the mid-100’s to about 800 thousand dollars. And depending on your home type, the dues are about 400 to 700 a month.

Let me paint a picture for you of what a typical day living at Paseo can be like: Your perfect vacation day might be taking a yoga class at 8am, grabbing a coffee, then getting your nails, hair and eyelashes done at the salon. You’ve got an hour or two to kill before your afternoon massage… so you hang out at the poolside tiki bar, enjoying fish tacos and a cold drink with one of those little straw umbrellas.

There’s something for everyone, with separate pools for families, adults, and a splash pad for toddlers.

After your massage, you swing by the old time ice cream parlor for two scoops of heaven then peruse home for an afternoon siesta. You need rest for your big night – you’re joining the girls to watch the latest movie playing at the in-house theatre before you end the night with a nice dinner at the Bistro… what a day!

Tomorrow you decide you’ll spend more time on the tennis court and burn off all those calories from cocktails and ice cream. Pinch me, you say, because you live in paradise!

With all of these on-site amenities you’ll feel like life is one big vacation and there are a ton more I didn’t even mention!
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Paseo: Best Resort Community | REALTY-V #25

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