Packing for Asia – Tips for Travel, Carry On and Suitcase

Packing for Asia - Tips for Travel, Carry On and Suitcase
Pack with me as I get ready for Asia! I’m bringing a small-ish suitcase, a backpack, and fanny pack for three weeks of travel to Taiwan and Hong Kong. I want to make sure to keep it lightweight with plenty of room for shopping and souvenirs. There are also some great tips and hacks on how to keep clothes from wrinkling, portable camera gear, and the best way to pack minimal.

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I’m Letitia (Le-tish-a), a fashion school graduate based in Toronto. I’m here to share fashion industry secrets, girl talks, DIYs, and outfit ideas. I also vlog with my bf Stefan. We travel, share relationship advice, and capture our daily movements.

Packing for Asia – Tips for Travel, Carry On and Suitcase

10 thoughts on “Packing for Asia – Tips for Travel, Carry On and Suitcase”

  1. Come along with me on my trip! I'll be posting on Insta @letitiakiu. Also what are your best packing tips?

  2. I'm off to NY in July and haven't traveled in so long so this is helpful. Thanks for sharing Letitia! xo

  3. Lol yes to all the Asian tech/gadgets!
    Sorry if you've had it in another video, but where did you get the bag you're taking as your carry-on?

  4. OMG I’m sorry for always being a silent viewer, but I have to say something now that you’re coming to Taiwan! Welcome~ hope you have lots of fun here the skies have really started to clear up so you should have great weather! Can’t wait to see your videos from here!

  5. Yeeeees! I can't wait to see pics of your trip! 😍
    I always put socks in my shoes to gain space and I take one outfit in my travel bag in case my suitcase goes missing …

  6. My boyfriend would also make a monster inc comment. Every time I think I’m looking fly he’s there to burst my bubble lmao back to reality for me

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