Our Trip to Europe is Over! Greece to Canada travel vlog

Our Trip to Europe is Over! Greece to Canada travel vlog
Join us as we finish our trip to Europe by leaving Greece and heading back home to Canada in this travel vlog. As officially the longest travel vlog we’ve ever made we kick things off with a tour of our apartment hotel in Santorini where we stayed for 8 nights. We then head outside to feed some stray cats and dogs before saying goodbye to Santorini by boarding a Blue Star ferry bound for Athens.

The ferry ride this time around was extremely choppy due to fierce winds but the highlight was the sunset views and not the greasy meal we had again from Goody. Upon arriving late at night in Piraeus we checked into a cheap motel where we stayed overnight spending the entire day walking around Piraeus enjoying the harbor and beach views along with grabbing some tasty sushi for lunch.

The following morning at a ridiculous hour we took the public bus from Piraeus to Athens airport where we caught a short flight to Istanbul. With time to kill at Istanbul airport we grabbed some Turkish Delight as a gift before boarding our final flight home to Toronto with Turkish Airlines. Upon arriving in Canada we made sure to spend time with Togo the German Shepherd.

Overall our 10 week trip in Europe with my parents was fantastic. We shared so many great experiences together. It is kind of sad the trip to Europe is over but new adventures await. Thanks so much for following along and stay tuned because we had content from Antigua, Canada, Peru and Japan coming up on our channel soon.

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Our Trip to Europe is Over! Greece to Canada travel vlog Video Transcript:

This is part of our Travel in Greece video series.

Music by IKSON: https://soundcloud.com/ikson

Our Trip to Europe is Over! Greece to Canada travel vlog

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  1. LOL, Man When Audrey turn at 9:10 I am like WTF HAHA did she wrestled with the wave, was there a WWE match happened between her and the cooks from "Goodies" there is clearly some missing footage and we demand to see it. Release the Kraken, SAM!

  2. Couple corrections. A big head, not gig head. And flew on the deck, not neck. O and this bird must of had a wing span of 2 ft. I'm not shitting ya.

  3. Love that Toga!!! Lol I love you to Audrey & Sam. I think that was very nice that you fed the cats and the dogs before you left. Can you tell I'm an animal lover. I just want to tell you something that happened the other morning. I went to sit on my 2nd floor deck with the morning paper and a cup of coffee. Of course my cat Jack wanted to come out to. So I leave him out and he's laying on the board rail of the deck. Well I'm reading the paper but I hear this fluttering going on and I looked up and 0mg. There was the biggest hawk there just fluttering in mid air like 2 inches away from my cat. My cat was so scared he just laid there frozen in time. Well this hawk had to be about 2ft tall and about 2ft wide with a gig head a beak that was to a point on the end and big sturdy legs with big sharp tallons. Omg. He almost grabbed my cat by the neck and took off with him but he got afraid when he seen me and flew onto the neighbors neck. Ya know I just can't get that vision out of my mind of me seeing my cat carried away daggling in the air by a hawks claws. It's really screwing with my mind. If I would of went inside to get more coffee my cat would of been gone and I would never have known what happened to him. Thank god I was sitting there. What do you think of that story!!!!!! Happy it didn't happen and he's never going on the deck again. Ok well take care. From Bethlehem Pa.

  4. 10 weeks vacation…..you're my heroes. I can only wish for a nice long vacation like this…..

  5. Ah man, I am just gonna miss you guys, but I am sure you'll have more videos in the future……BTW: I lived in Toronto for 10 yrs back in the 90's……BTW, in case you feel like doing what you've been doing for the last few months, you should consider going to South America or Africa…….I didn't wanna say Far East, coz there are lots of ppl vlogging from there; all the best to you both

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