Negropeans Need To Travel To Europe Not Africa. w/ Bomani Tyehimba

Negropeans Need To Travel To Europe Not Africa. w/ Bomani Tyehimba
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Negropeans Need To Travel To Europe Not Africa. w/ Bomani Tyehimba

13 thoughts on “Negropeans Need To Travel To Europe Not Africa. w/ Bomani Tyehimba”

  1. My queen and I traveled with Bomani in 2017. The brotha is legit and professional. Best money I've ever spent

  2. Yea Big Up Brother Bomani!

    Black Power.. we are at a critical stage in our development as a People, so yea no coons on the ship!

    Marcus Garvey says it too, only organised and prepared pan Africanist brothers and Sisters, the best, should repatriate to Africa!

    Contact me for any info on tours to Zambia.. 👊🏿💪🏿✊🏿

  3. He needs to calm down a bit. I support him but he needs to mind his manners. He is running a business. Behave like Dynast. You can be pro-black without being an asshole.

  4. Keep up the good work Bro Bomani. People do not know what it takes to do a tour in a developing country and you are doing a phenomenal job at it! Seestah Imahkus at One Africa is a special place for our brothers and sisters in the Pan-African community. If folks are not ready to let go some of the comforts of the west to reconnect with the people and land in Africa than they do not deserve to be considered to participate in such a trip to Ghana where we have Pan-African connections. I have traveled to Ghana 4 years in a row, from 2013 to 2016 and married a beautiful Ghanaian sister (inside and out) and we had our first son there in Ghana. So I KNOW what it takes to appreciate the land. If folks want a vacation they need to go by they self. Not to mention you are connecting them with REAL investments that give better returns than anything in the states. I will help you acquire great people who will be humbled to be involved in your tour!

  5. Peace Brother! This is a great concept and objective. I believe the cost of the tour is high for many. I love your structure. I'm BUILDING in Tanzania. I'm on a total different mission. We are about Nation building. How can we build a relationship?

  6. Negropeans need to stick to Europe where they can chase after White women until Cows come home.Africa does not need their attitudes.We will wellcome all Pan Africanist with open arms any day of the week,but Kneegrowpeans must stay away from Africa.

  7. This man is full of lies he has harassed several people from this tour and I have the emails to prove it. It’s hard to support this man because of his unprofessional behavior on the tour. I know several of the women he was disrespectful. He ruined the trip with his behavior. If your on a tour as group you should leave as a group that’s what’s wrong with black people we don’t know how to stick together. He lied about looking for the other women he claimed was not following directions with the time they were suppose to meet back on the bus he had the nerve to leave her in a foreign country were anything could have happen to her one thing I can say about Euperopeans , Mexicans, Asians at least they stick together no one left behind but us black people are like crabs in a barrel. This man has been a disgrace to what a black man should stand for and his business should not be supported. PERIOD

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