Voila! My current European travel bucket list, including the places I have already visited. Can’t wait to see more!
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Time Stamps:
Western Europe = 0:38
London = 1:42
Paris = 1:48
Southern France (Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Nice) = 2:55
England, Ireland, & Scotland = 3:35
Amsterdam & other towns in Holland = 4:28

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Southern Europe: 6:20
Barcelona, Spain = 6:25
Portugal = 6:38
Italy = 6:48

Central / Eastern Europe = 7:10
Vienna, Austria = 7:22
Prague, Czech Republic = 7:43
Germany (Berlin, Dresden) = 8:13
Budapest, Hungary = 8:31
Switzerland = 10:02

Southeastern Europe = 10:26
Croatia (Split, Zagreb) = 10:41
Slovenia (Ljubljana, Lake Bled) = 11:04

Northern / Nordic Countries = 12:57
Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway
Iceland = 13:40

St. Petersburg, Russia = 14:11

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  1. I'm from Portugal (Cascais) and I'm so happy you included Portugal in your list. If you like summer and beautiful landscapes definitely go, plus Portugal is really affordable to foreign people apparently so you will save some coins

  2. You should visit Porto in Portugal.
    Yes Lisbon is amazing yes but Porto is something magical. Love your channel! Keep the good work 🙂

  3. Since you asked, here is my two cents on things I enjoyed and would recommend. UK/London-The Tower of London, the royal stables, Churchill war room, Stonehenge and Bath. Germany/Munich-Bavaria is gorgeous, castles/palaces, BMW factory, beers-my favorites Schneider Weisse (at their brauhaus) and Konig Ludwig Dunkel. Austria/Salzburg-Area is gorgeous, bike tour of scenes from The Sound of Music. Italy/Rome, Milan and Venice-I can’t imagine being a vegan in Italy, the food is half the journey,, Italy is so full of history, the Vatican museum, St. Peter’s, the Sistine Chapel, the Scavi (necropolis) tour, the Last Supper, Duomo di Milano, Venice is so quiet (no wheeled vehicles) and the seafood is outstanding. Ukraine/Kiev-the city and area is beautiful, vodka is very good, and I really enjoyed the food, one caveat I visited Kiev before the protests in Independence Square so I can’t vouch for it’s current condition. Enjoy your journeys 🥓👍

  4. Norway has a lot of beautiful nature, I’d suggest looking at the fjords. I’d love to say more, but I feel like most people aren’t really all that interested in Norway so I’ll leave it at that

  5. Western Europe is beautiful but Eastern Europe is truly a hidden gem – stunning, cheap asf, off the beaten path and incredibly welcoming towards tourists. Hungary, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine are fantastic.

  6. I suggest hitting up the Baltic States, especially Latvia and it's capital city Riga. Truly they are undiscovered gems with a history, culture and traditions unlike any other region in the world. Riga has everything from a Medieval old city to exquisite examples of Baroque, Art Noveau and wooden architecture. And the hipster-ish music and art scene is currently thriving, lots of alternative experiences to try out.
    It is also pretty cheap compared to major European tourist destinations, which is always a plus. 😀
    If you feel like considering it, feel free to message me about any other info. 🙂

  7. Girl norway!! Not to be personally biased or anything since I live her lol but the sights are really gorgeous and with soo many fun activities in both the warmer and colder months :)))))

  8. If you go to Spain, check out San Sebastian or Bilbao! They are beautiful. Bilbao has a great art museum and is vegan friendly and a very interesting aesthetic that is so unique and special. I highly recommend!

  9. If you're in England, you gotta visit God's own country… Yorkshire <3 I'm biased, but honestly a trip into the Peak District or a weekend in York is definitely worth the trip. I also loved visiting Bath, beautiful Georgian Architecture that really stands out from other cities and there's lots to see and do 🙂

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