My Travel Beauty Essentials: Italy 2018! What I am Bringing + What I Still Need! | Lauren Mae Beauty

My Travel Beauty Essentials: Italy 2018! What I am Bringing + What I Still Need! | Lauren Mae Beauty
Hello everyone!! I wanted to share with you all of the beauty items I am going to be bringing on my trip to Italy this summer as well as all of the items that are on my wishlist and I still need to buy!! I am trying to strike the balance of being as minimal as I can while still knowing I can feel beautiful and put together with the items I am bringing!! If you have any suggestions for products or if you think something is missing from this list I would LOVE to know your recommendations in the comments!! Thank you so much for watching!! 🙂

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What I am Bringing:
MoroccanOil Dry Shampoo in Light Tones
Puff Me Volumizing Cloud Mist
Sold de Janeiro Products:
-Body Wash
-Fragrance Mist
-Bum Bum Cream
-Body Scrub
Nugg Face Masks
No7 Instant Results Revitalizing Hydrogels
Purlisse Blue Lotus Cleansing Milk
Epielle Aloe face Wipes (@ Big Lots!)
Isle of Paradise Self Tanner

What I Need to Get:
Sol de Janeiro Glow Oil in Ipanema Sunset
Makeup/Beauty Bag
St. Ives Apricot Scrub
St. Ives Cleansing Sticks
Pur Joystick Deep-Pore Cleanser
Tarte Frxxxion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser
Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen
Hawaiian Tropics Silk hydration Weightless Sunscreen
Bumble &Bumble Full Form Mousse Mini (I guess they don’t sell a mini!)
Travel Beauty Containers

Background Products:
Heart Neon Light –
Floral Tapestry –

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My Travel Beauty Essentials: Italy 2018! What I am Bringing + What I Still Need! | Lauren Mae Beauty

12 thoughts on “My Travel Beauty Essentials: Italy 2018! What I am Bringing + What I Still Need! | Lauren Mae Beauty”

  1. Happy travels! And totally ditch the Apricot scrub! I've been using Pixi Peel&Polish. I took it to Mexico for three weeks and it was perfect. Travelled well, compact size and my skin is still glowing, six months into using it. Just trial it a few days before travel to have your skin get used to the lactic acid. Xox

  2. I would recommend packing some painter’s tape (masking tape) to tape up the tops of your full size products. It will secure the tops while in transit and reduce the potential of an accidental busting. I’ve travelled a lot myself and have moved a lot across country and this trick has helped! Enjoy Italy!

  3. I’ve done the Oz – UK trip numerous times. On a long haul flight (and in the Italian summer) a cooling face spray like the the Avene thermal spring water is great for refreshing your face. I also carry Blink individual eye drop pipettes, since plane air is incredibly drying on the eyes. Really try and titrate down the amount of product you bring, taking a whole tube of eg cleanser just wastes space and weight. Believe me, I’ve made that mistake on a 3-4 week trip!Get a hanging toiletries bag, they’re great in hotels. As others have said, get a hat! The Southern European sun can be fierce, and you have lovely pale skin. I would buy things like body wash once you get there, Europe has plenty of good brands. So excited for you!

  4. Just came back from Italy and it was so hot I ended up not wearing makeup. I wore mostly face powder for oil control. Florence was packed with people. Did plenty of wine tasting. I hope you enjoy your trip.

  5. Aw, your pale skin is lovely, too, and would make for awesome pictures! You don't need a tan, girl! 😀 GOOD LUCK getting awesome photos!

  6. Ciao Lauren! 🙂 i'm venetian and I would suggest you to enjoy a true aperitivo experience in Venice by going at 6pm in the Fondamenta della Misericordia area where is full of bars and "bacaro". Locals go there for chilling and socializing 😉 a must have is ordering a spritz and cicheto!!! Hope you'll have the best time ^_^

  7. This summer I'm traveling with my bathroom supplies in a kids soft lunchbox. It's the slick vinyl so if something busts it will contain the mess as well as be easy to clean. It's also shaped like a packing cube so it will fit well in my suitcase. It also has a handle which some makeup type bags don't.

  8. I know this is not a makeup item, but a hat and beach cover up, comfortable shoes and lots of sun screen, and aloe for after, oh and if your out about the city one of those re-useable bags, I always carry one in my purse…

  9. Hi Lauren! I know you're going on a family trip and spending time with your husband exploring and relaxing on the beach but I just wanted to suggest considering picking up some single eyeshadows from Nabla while you're there. I keep seeing them come up in random favorites vids and am so curious what your impression of them would be!

  10. Giiiirl! I love u and would love to know what hair dye u use, I discovered u like a month ago but I have become a huge fan xx

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