Most Instagram ready location in Europe?

Most Instagram ready location in Europe?
Our last little escapade before Sri Lanka, we wanted to play a little guessing game with you 🙂
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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A lot of you were curious about what we travel with gear wise. Here is the list and the link to the products. We do get a small commission if you shop through those links. It’s no extra cost for you but it helps us pay our bills so thank you in advance if you do use our links!

Gopro stick
Go pro Mounth piece
Gopro 5
Gopro 5 dual battery charger

Zhiyun Stabilizer

Organizer Bag:
Camera & drone bag

After market Canon battery
Rod Mic
Canon t7i with kit lens
Sigma lens kit
Joby Gorilla pod

DJI Mavic pro
DJI Battery charger

Seagate 2T Hard drive

Music :
Tei – Ooyy
Faded – Ooyy

Most Instagram ready location in Europe?

19 thoughts on “Most Instagram ready location in Europe?”

  1. Wonderful video ! Thanks for your efforts ! First time I went to Paris I was in 1972 with the National Junior Honor Society, we went to the Follies Berge and our teachers let us 8th graders drink Champagne. Now-a-days they would get fired for that…lol

  2. Wow awesome ! Nice to see in Paris … its beautiful … haha Jade is sweet and seriously she is enjoying … n apparently u seems to be happy too to capture beautiful momemt in early morning.. keep traveeling and keep upload ing 😁😁😁..n most imp be safe 😀😀

  3. Vous aimez le saucisson sec aux noix, je n'en ai pas mangé depuis pas mal d’années 🙂
    Paris in the earlier morning is magical and peaceful indeed but quickly the madness happens with all the cars and people rushing in subway, all going to work for a living!
    Everytime i went to the Louvres, i always ended in the japanese town close to Opera <3 I really miss this area, i was working close to Opera for almost 10 years!
    Have a great week guys and keep on travelling 🙂

  4. First croissant I ever has was in Pigalle 1972, even though they have long since become popular in the US, never had one as good.

  5. A ustedes es mejor comprarles un traje que invitarles a comer,jajajaj.Países Asiáticos lo dejaron sin comida,jajajjaj..

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