Moscow Russia Travel VLOG

Moscow Russia Travel VLOG
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My last day in Moscow Russia was also awesome. tried some food and visited new attractions. Russia is so beautiful and amazing. I’m now going to another country called “Belarus”. watch first part of my Moscow video series:

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What equipment I use for recording videos? below is the list of exact cameras I used for making videos. You can check it on Amazon and if you like then you can buy.

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Moscow Russia Travel VLOG

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  1. آسلام علیکم عبداللہ بھائی ایک بات تو بتاؤ۔ ماشاءاللہ آپ پوری دنیا گھوم رھے ھیں۔ آپ کام کیا کرتے ھیں

  2. Raees jesy bandy ko ap ne is video mein shamil kar ke is video ka sara maza hi khrab kar dea hai, uesy koi hal nahi pohnchta ke wo kesi ke rag ka mazak urey. agar koi kala hai to us ka rag Allah Tala ne banya hai. shame on him. esy log hi Pakistan ka nam badnam karty hain dusri countries mein ja ke.

  3. I do not like the way you make fun of black people and I am very sad to see this kind of behavior being exhibited by a fellow countryman!

  4. Beautiful city and seems expensive as well. I think you would have muted Mr. Raees' voice for a while in your intro as his gesture seemed alittle unsofisticated. This is what I think.

  5. Hello from Siberia! Moscow looks so beautiful! I moved here from America over a year ago and still have not had the chance to visit Moscow. But after watching your video I hope to visit soon!

  6. Test nahi milta 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Taste. Rabble, it’s ruble. Бля пидер кокой то. На хуй пускают таких и ещё смотрят же. Сука даже свой язык не знает правильно.

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