Minimalist Packing For 6 Months Of Leightweight Travel In Mexico (Backpacking)

I’m about to embark on a 3 to 6 month trip to Central America (starting off in Mexico), and this video talks about what I’m bringing with me and how I run my business and life while I’m abroad.

I discuss my location independent business, my travel strategy, my minimalist packing tendencies, lightweight backpack options, and why I often stay in a single location for a month before moving on.

Items I show in this video:

Large Backpack: Osprey Porter 46:

Day Bag: Timbuk2 Rogue:

Toiletry Bag: (Small):

Pack Towel:

Laptop: Mac Book Pro Retina (512 GB):

Laptop Sleeve:

Luna Sandals

New Balance Minimus:

EReader: Sony Reader:

Gorilla Tripod:

Cannnon Video Camera (used to take the video, and will be brought):

Lapel Mic:

Flossing Band:

Lacrosse Ball:

Vitamix Blender

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Minimalist Packing For 6 Months Of Leightweight Travel In Mexico (Backpacking)

20 thoughts on “Minimalist Packing For 6 Months Of Leightweight Travel In Mexico (Backpacking)”

  1. Love it Andrew! Looks like you had a blast! I'm glad you are able to document your travels, I was lucky enough to do the same this summer while in Europe! I know all the hard work you must have put into filming & editing these videos! Central America should be incredible!

  2. How about food then? You can't always assure that there are ripe fruits at your destination, how do you do? Do you store the fruit in the hotel room?

  3. Andrew, do you travel alone? just curious how comfortable are you with traveling alone to other countries, not knowing anyone. Is it intimidating or do you consider it to just be and adventure?

  4. so what are those basic skills you need to take care of your body that use that roll and a lacrosse ball?

  5. My family is from Mexico!! I've been there a couple of times, you're gonna love it! Good Luck :)

  6. Since you live inTexas, have you ever ventured over to meet FullyRawKristina??? I think she is in Houston and seems like she is really cool and another YouTube Raw Vegan

  7. How did you get into traveling? I would like to travel once I graduate high school but don't know where to start.

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