MGTOW Travel: Bargaining and Getting a Good Deal in Asia and Enjoying It Too

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MGTOW Travel: Bargaining and Getting a Good Deal in Asia and Enjoying It Too
MGTOW Travel: Bargaining and Getting a Good Deal in Asia and Enjoying It Too

12 thoughts on “MGTOW Travel: Bargaining and Getting a Good Deal in Asia and Enjoying It Too”

  1. I‘m a MGTOW from China and currently devoted to popularizing the MGTOW philosophy in the Chinese-speaking world. I really like the style of your videos, where you basically just think out loud while sightseeing, in a way that I can just look around in first person and meanwhile think about everything or nothing in life. That actually helps me relax in some way, shape or form. I think every MGTOW channel helps men in a particular way and yours is a pretty unique one. Please keep up the good work. 加油,再接再厉!

  2. I miss Thailand. I used to live in Asia, but not having a degree or the right computer skills, and being 37, I had to come back to the USA for airline work, so that I can still travel to Asia a few times a year until I can save the money to start my own business and retire in Asia. Luckily I am good at business.

    As for women, my only good relationships were in Asia, and I couldnt stand nearly any western woman I met.
    In the USA, coming back, I have tried to meet girls since I am lonely, but its useless. They dont find me attractive, and I cant stand them and most have ruined themselves.

    I wasnt ready to settle before, but i am getting to that point now so I am going to keep an eye out as I go back to Asia.
    I wont ever get married, but plenty of Asian women are ok with that these days. Just keep in mind, good women are a dime a dozen out there, so find the one for you, dont let your dick rule your mind.

  3. Familiar with an outlet called "Barstool Sports"? I'm a fan of the way they view sports and sports-culture through a semi-MGTOW lens. Your take would make a cool episode and might bring many new dudes to the party as Barstool has gotten huge in the past few years.

  4. Humor is key to negotiations. Also realizing you won't always win. And you don't always get what you want. I've smoked weed with guys when selling my van and never sold it but made a friend.

  5. It's true. I went through this in Mexico. At first, man everythings so cheap. Fuck it I'll buy it, only a few bucks. That shit adds up though! You don't realize it until you look at your account hahaha… I was like wtf. Lesson learned quickly.

  6. the only thing to do to get the best deal is, browse everywhere for the item you want
    before buying it. browse the sidewalk vendors, browse the malls, browse local online shops.

  7. Ronin Man is /ourguy so I want him to do well. But he is diluting his channel with stuff that is more general, and done to death by specialised travel bloggers Has he thought through a plan for his channel? Perhaps this move is genius – e.g. to bring in men who just want to know about travel and introduce them to MGTOW? I'd be interested to see if he gets a lot of views/subs from this.

  8. I think personally White women are more attractive than Asian women, but with the exception of Eastern Euro women who keep things well maintained down there, Asian girls’ pussies are way cleaner, especially compared to shitty US and UK women, whose cooters stink like unwiped ass.

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