Massive Luxury Hotel That’s Trying To Kill Airbnb

Massive Luxury Hotel That's Trying To Kill Airbnb
To compete with Airbnb, Ian Schrager’s PUBLIC Hotel in New York’s Lower East Side offers a modern luxury experience at rates as low as 0/night. To reduce costs, PUBLIC operates with less staff than most hotels and uses technology to replace amenities like standard room service.

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Massive Luxury Hotel That’s Trying To Kill Airbnb

17 thoughts on “Massive Luxury Hotel That’s Trying To Kill Airbnb”

  1. 150$ IMO is a great rate but if it was 100$ it would have been a AirBnB killer

  2. I like his take on ideas. You adapt or you perish.

    Many people are complaining about the lack of staff but I think this is perfect for people who don't want staff constantly hovering over them. Reminds me of that almost 0% interaction ramen house.

  3. Not a bad idea and I respect the challenge to AirBnB but it still won’t beat it. AirBnB offers convenience of location, amenities, and privacy in the comfort of a real home for that same price. Some people honestly just want a place to crash for cheap when visiting.

  4. Great idea! My company supplies quality hotel bedding and towels, if anyone need these, please contact me, thanks.

  5. this is a really good idea but id take out all the restaurants and all that; only a big hotel with many rooms that the renters stay in and help themselves. a community air bnb/building if you will

  6. i like the idea, it would be great to see this expand to other major cities such as LA

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