Low-Cost Travel in Africa is Tough

Low-Cost Travel in Africa is Tough
The time when we questioned our cheap low-cost style of travel has finally come. The 8th episode of The African Vlog shows our journey to Burkina Faso. The journey that should be forgotten.

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Low-Cost Travel in Africa is Tough

20 thoughts on “Low-Cost Travel in Africa is Tough”

  1. omg Peter I'm laughing SO hard. I have no idea why but I thought all your travel vlogs were going to be in Czech. I'm so happy to watch them in English. ALSO YOUR MAP IS SO CUTE. ahahha

  2. Africa just like rest of the 3rd world is such a dump. That's why such countries never progress. Corrupt, lazy people.

  3. “This is how the rainy season in Africa looks like”. No, this is how the rainy season in Togo looks like

  4. It’s definitely not my desire to travel to places like these, although I have been to Kenya. But I love these vlogs! Very interesting to see however I couldn’t travel myself…you are brave! especially your girlfriend! I can imagine it must be tough for her with her cycle for example and hygiene overall in places like that. But the nature is truly stunning. Love your channel!

  5. Are you coming to Kenya? Visit Nairobi and Mombasa. I would like to see your point of view about Kenya. Beautiful country with friendly people.

  6. It's just magnificent! Keep up the good work, Africa deserves to be discovered. Both the positive points and the little joys as well as the irritants.

  7. I love this, having been born and bred in Africa I experience these things every day. But seeing it from a visitors perspective I don't know whether I should laugh or cry. Keep coming to Africa it grows on you

  8. another awesome Travel Video 🙂 can't wait to see more. love your humor 👍 I don't know how often you said we are finally moving…..ha ha great

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