Live Webcam Reagan National Airport Washington DC

Live Webcam Reagan National Airport Washington DC
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Camera 2:

Camera 3:

Runway map:
DCA Airport Diagram:

All three cameras are located approximately 5.5 miles north-northwest of the airport, near Washington National Cathedral. (map:

All three cameras are the Sanyo VCC-HD2500 CCTV camera outputting 1080p30. Camera 1 utilizes an Orion StarBlast 4.5 EQ reflector telescope. Camera 2 has a 200mm Nikon lens, and Camera 3 utilizes a 100mm Sanyo CCTV lens.

The best picture quality is in the evening from approximately 1800 to 2100 Eastern Standard Time. Cloud cover and/or fog will cause the cameras to appear gray, but Camera 3 (wide angle) will generally at least show the horizon.

Camera 1: Center of screen is Terminal C. Also visible is the landing area of Runway 1. There are two highways in the foreground. Interstate 395 is in the immediate foreground and the George Washington Parkway behind that, and is mostly obstructed by trees. The top of the screen is the Potomac River. The runway is 1/19, with runway 1 moving towards the camera and runway 19 away from the camera. Runway 4/22 is also visible running left to right. Runway 4 is from right to left, and 22 from left to right. There are several ferries and tour boats that can be seen passing by on the river. The yellow ferries and several large tour boats / yachts are the Potomac RiverBoat company ( There is also the Odyssey cruise boat (

Terminal map:

Camera 1 angle:

Camera 2: Runway 1 moving right to left, runway 19 moving left to right. Runway 4/22 is also visible (horizontally across middle of screen) however this runway is seldom used. On the right side of the screen is the Juliette ground point, and the taxiway is just off screen. Planes landing on runway 1 will usually turn left off the runway here. Runway 15/33 is also present on this camera however it is obstructed by the trees. Planes taking off and landing on these runways are visible. In the background is the Potomac River and on the horizon is the MGM National Harbor conference center / resort / casino (

Camera 2 angle:

Camera 3: This a wide view showing the entire airport in the middle of the screen. The Potomac River flows from the lower right of the screen to the left, and then around the airport to the upper right of the image. Planes landing on runway 19 will follow the river (“on the river” or “river visual”). The Kennedy Center is the large white building in the lower left ( The Roosevelt Bridge is in the immediate foreground ( and just down river from that is Memorial Bridge ( Additionally the 14th Street bridge complex is down river from this (on the left side of the screen) – ( This bridge includes vehicles, Metro (subway) trains, and Amtrak (large passenger) trains. To the right of the airport control tower is Crystal City, Virginia. The land on the horizon is the state of Maryland, and the foreground is the neighborhood of Cathedral Heights, Washington DC.

Camera 3 angle:

This stream has a slight delay so that the best video quality is presented. If you are using a flight tracker website, you can use the following stream that has no delay. Video quality is slightly less:

Live Webcam Reagan National Airport Washington DC