Las Vegas Hotels Say No Resort Fee!

Las Vegas Hotels Say No Resort Fee!
Several Las Vegas hotels are getting rid of their resort fees, at least temporarily. This trend recently started at the end of 2018, and is something that I expect to continue into 2019. There have been a lot of unhappy tourists when it comes to being charged for parking in Las Vegas and resort fees being increased in the hotels and casinos. Some of the hotels that I have seen or heard are offering no resort fee are SLS, Hard Rock, Cosmopolitan, Wynn and Encore. This is great news for those of you that are planning a Las Vegas vacation soon!

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Las Vegas Hotels Say No Resort Fee!

19 thoughts on “Las Vegas Hotels Say No Resort Fee!”

  1. Vegas is for suckers now. Hidden fees, homeless problem, crime. No railway from airport to strip. It will be skid row in 10 years.

  2. Resort Fees are out of control in Las Vegas! We have gotten so fed up with all of the "fees" that the resorts charge. These fees can add another 40% or more to your overall bill and there is very little recourse to get these fees removed. The last time I stayed on the strip, I was charged a resort fee for a gym (that was closed for remodeling) and an outdoor pool that was closed for the season (January). I asked to have the fees removed but was told that I still had access to the business center and free in-room wifi and the fees would not be removed. That was my breaking point. I have not stayed at an MGM property in Las Vegas since and will never stay in another MGM property anywhere again!

  3. I went on December 2017 and Treasure Island had optional Resort Fee, just needed to ask. Also didnt charge a parking fee. I think Its one of the best options.

  4. I been there for few days ,this mo … like you said …the fees at the hotel, rental car…forget it …

  5. What you’re forgetting is the younger demographic just isn’t interested in Vegas. Young adults now a days don’t care to gamble or see over priced shows. There’s better places to travel too. I believe in the next 5-10 yrs if Vegas doesn’t reinvent themselves, they’ll be screwed.

  6. Stopped going to vegas when they started charging for parking. We used to come 4 times a year, now we haven't been there for 3 years and have no plans to return.

  7. When I go to vegas, i am there from saturday til next sunday 8 to 9 days and those resort fees kicked my ass

  8. I stayed in a cheap but decent motel with NO "resort" fees when I visited last summer. Not nearly as fun as a themed out resort casino. They need to get rid of them altogether, or I have 3 new casinos here in Maryland I can visit instead of flying across America on a cramped little plane to Vegas….

  9. I was going to stay at Tropicana due to a special I saw. Then the resort fee was added to the room price. Bye bye…no go.

  10. Just put the resort fees up front – so we know about it ahead of the reservation process. Or better, have a research engine that includes those scam fees in the total.
    In the mean time, I'll stick to the 4 Queens.
    What a total waste of time.

  11. My Girlfriend and I would go about 6 times a year. But now we cut down. To maybe twice a year now.. PLEASE STOP RESORT FEES……

  12. they're not dumb, they just don't care. They are parasites. After they bleed everything they can out of Vegas they'll move on to another thing. Now that sports betting is gonna be available everywhere, there will be little reason to come to Vegas, and it will return to an empty desert. Sure can't come there for cheap food, rooms, and decent gambling odds.
    …Who knows, maybe the kids will keep coming there to stand in line and pay $100 admission to nightclubs. I have no idea what could possibly go on there to attract such crowds

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