KRAKOW COST OF LIVING | Digital Nomad Europe | Poland Travel Vlog

KRAKOW COST OF LIVING | Digital Nomad Europe | Poland Travel Vlog
Cost of living in Europe is cheap for a digital nomad in Poland. After one month in Krakow our trip costs in this vlog… ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

Europe living costs are generally expected to be high for digital nomads, but is that true or false? After one month in Krakow Poland we tracked every cost from our trip we shed some light on the real cost of living.

Krakow is an awesome place that we highly recommend you make part of your trip when visiting Europe. Day to day costs are great in Poland if you’re not in the main tourist spots, so the monthly costs for a digital nomad are pretty competitive!

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KRAKOW COST OF LIVING | Digital Nomad Europe | Poland Travel Vlog

18 thoughts on “KRAKOW COST OF LIVING | Digital Nomad Europe | Poland Travel Vlog”

  1. Ok, apart of the great content you guys are producing and the valuable "feedback" can you tell me what kind of camera you are using? The moment with the butterfly was amazing catch.
    Awesome video. Detailed information – accurate as well. Good job guys – Enjoy your next country!

  2. You guys are starting to get some awesome numbers on the tube'! Youtube will soon be paying for all the trips around the world!! Well deserved guys you should start doing some raw vlogs and live stuff also that would be cool

  3. I also was in Chang mai, but I prefer Poland because I like winter and colors outum, spring and summer, its like living in 4 difrend worlds I jist lov it:) and ofcourse if something happen bad U are in middle of Europe and U get proffesional help.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I was expecting the cost to be much more…so that's great to know. it wasn't that expensive…I am considering getting a travel insurance, so I will check the link…

  5. Guys I'm gonna miss your vlogs from Poland! Can't wait to see where you're heading now 🙂 You seem to be such a cool people and I feel like we'd get along really quickly 😉 BTW I love that soundtrack main theme at the end of each video, sooo chillin!

  6. make a movie about the zakrzówek a great place to swim and dive at the end of the summer we have

  7. 1366 USD, now take a salary of a guy like me. I work in IT, got masters degree and over 5 years of experience and i earn 779 USD a month after taxes. I also live in Krakow and I know we got high air pollution and I know that you should not live here at all because of that. Not only because salaries are shit but because it is not good for your health. Come to Krakow in winter.

  8. thought platinum fitness was about 100 zl a month ($30) and you get access to fight club with ufc instructor (the gorilla).. the ones I went to were on bratyslawska and at the Krakow plaza mall.. its month to month. also got some preworkout called psychotic you might wanna avoid.. unless you wanna get high as balls.

  9. This is so cool! With all the problems in Europe right now from migration, I have been looking at staying in Poland or Hungary for a month. This video makes it seem possible, very exciting! I finally got another job working remotely, so Krakow might be my next destination 🙂 Hope you guys are having a great time, love your videos!

  10. I hope that not long you will come back to Krakow, we are waiting and we were inviting the best of all

  11. It should be mentioned that average monthly salary in Poland shall be 4271,51 zł = 1148 $ = 982 €. Minimal salary is little less than half of that amount (2100 zł).

  12. Come back in Winter and visit Polish mountains which we share with Slovakia and Czech Republic, it's a cheap alternative to the Alps

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